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I took Zebra to the vet on Friday for a checkup and needles and she now weighs 5.8 pounds. Those couple of pounds she gained is mostly in her stomach, but I am still happy that she has gained a bit because 3 pounds was really tiny. She has earmites though, and did not like getting her ears cleaned. She is getting spayed on the 27th of this month. The vet here cost me $67 (Canadian) for a checkup, 2 needles, earmite check, nail clipping and earmite medicine. The spay is $100. I think that is really cheap, compared to when we got Milo neutered, his checkup was $60 for just the regular checkup and a needle and his spay was $300, but thats because he only had one testicle so they had to find his other one in his stomach. They quoted me on spaying being $250.