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Litter Training

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Hey all--

I have four kittens who are 4.5 weeks old. Today, I put a small litter pan in with them, and started the introduction process. Everything was fine for most of the day, until evening, when two of the kittens started eating the litter. Fortunately, I caught them doing it right away, so not much was ingested (and it was not a clumping a litter). But, for kittens with no interest in trying out wet food yet, they were getting pretty eager about ingesting the litter.

So what do you suggest? Waiting a little longer before re-introducing the litter box? Is there a type of litter I can use that is digestable by little kittens?
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I don't think the kitty litter will do any harm to them.If momma is around she should be teaching them how to use it.When I bought my calico home from the pet store she was barely 4weeks and she didn't know anything she would eat some of the tidy cat litter until she watched the older cats and she finally figured out it was a potty and not food and she was fine even after eatting cat litter
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Mom will get them going and teach them the ropes
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Kittens really do figure out the litterbox on their own. It's not uncommon for them to eat a bit of the litter and it really won't do them any harm. At 4.5 weeks they are old enough to use the litterbox so offer it to them and they will get the hang of it before you know it.
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Yeah, they're definitely ready for the litter. I had one of the girls squat-and-pee in the middle of the floor, and one of the boys seemed to exhibit some litter behaviours when he peed on his own--in the pants I was about to put on!

So far, they're not interested in eating any real food, but I'll keep trying until they do.
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My babies were climbing in the litter box at 3 weeks old they started using it on their own at 4 weeks old and they are now 5 weeks old and using it very well. I use Yesterday's News and they have no intrest in eating it but all 4 get in the box together and play with it and throw it in the floor..LOL..They are 5 weeks old and they do not eat solid food yet they will smell it and lick their chops like "that smells good" but they wont eat it yet. I tried the chicken baby food and they wanted nothing to do with it either so I guess they will do it in their own time.
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