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Large breeds

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I've noticed that the description for many of the larger cats (Maine Coons, Siberians, Norwegian Forest Cats) says that they mature slowly and take up to five years to be full grown. I was wondering, does this refer to just their size, or also their personality?

Just wondering since Puppy seems to have some large kitty blood in him, and I'd like to know how many years we're going to have an extra-large kitten running around the house!
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Most cats still retain a lot of "kittenish" ways in playing, but as any animal, they will mature in personality somewhat. My 15 yr old rex, still has energy sometimes to race around the house at times
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Cats don't socially mature until 3-5 years old. With humans this takes place a lot younger in life but its one of the last things that develop in cats. This has to do with interaction with other felines and animals for the most part though. How much they play could also change once they are "socially mature." But it varies from cat to cat.
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Ack, I had heard it was 2 years. Ah well. We're going to move next year and find a bigger place. Only one more year...
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