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She's getting close to delivering

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When I brought in this pregnant cat and took it to the vet, he said he was positive there were 2 kittens, possibly a third, and to expect them mid-June. For the past few days, she is barely eating (maybe a cup of food in the past 2-3 days) and barely drinking any water (which almost worries me more).

I sat with her for about 2 hrs this evening, and she didn't come out of her box once. She was purring like crazy for the first hour (which she hasn't done much at all the past week) then just started sleeping.
While she lies there, her side moves a lot, but also, it looks like her butt is tensing up, and most of the movement is coming from her rear end more than last week when most movement seemed to come from closer to the middle of her body.
Are these signs that she should deliver within the next 24-48 hrs? Part of me hopes she has the kittens soon because we leave tomorrow night and won't be back until Tuesday night or possibly even Wednesday morning, and I want to make sure everything goes smoothly. But then I also hope she holds off until we're back so that one of us will be home at all times once the kittens are born.
I'm obviously very anxious and curious if anyone has seen these signs and knows how close to (or far from) delivery she is.
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I just went through a delivery about an hour ago with my cat she had 6 babies she was breathing really fast then started panting and then you will see her have contractions and pushing. Is she meowing alot? has she had any discharge that you have seen?
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She hasn't panted at all, and I've only heard her meow two, maybe three times since I brought her home a few weeks ago. Each time she was nervous about the noise from the shower (we set her up in the bathroom to seclude her from everything/other pets).

Her breathing definitely seems faster, and the way her side is moving and twitching I can't believe she is comfortable at all. She lays on her side, but the bottom half of her body twitches like crazy (especially right below her tail), and her legs tense up over and over again. Yet she's still able to fall asleep, which makes me wonder about her behavior.
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she might be getting ready. I hope someone is home when she has thenso shes not by herself they do get scared. Is theis her first litter?
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Yes this is her first litter. The vet confirmed our suspicions that she was not yet done growing, and he believed she was about 7 months old when he saw her about 2 weeks ago.
She looks much more comfortable now than she did earlier this evening, and there was no movement anymore in her stomach when I just went in and sat with her for about 30 minutes. She just lays stretched out in her box, and I notice she almost finished her food and drank some water just now. She hasn't touched her water for a while so it's possible she is growing more uncomfortable but is still a few days away from delivering. Her belly definitely doesn't look much larger than when I found her a few weeks ago, just a lot more movement at times.
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i would say a couple more days maybe a week
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I would say 1 week at the most maybe 8-9 days but not sure...
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I'm also guessing it may still be a few more days. Last night I filled up her food, and this morning it was half gone, so she ate an entire cup overnight. She still isn't drinking much water though.
This morning she is acting more like when we first brought her in, laying down in the middle of the bathroom floor (rather than in her box where she stayed almost exclusively cuddled up for the past few days).
What I thought was odd was how she went into the litter box this morning while we were in there with her, but she came back out of the box and didn't go while she was in there. I've never seen her get in her box and not go to the bathroom before. She was pacing all over the bathroom this morning like she wanted out, and was meowing and looking at me and pawing at the door. Obviously she isn't comfortable with the bathroom, or she's just getting restless, I don't know.
I will keep everyone posted. But now I suspect it may be a few days and I'm not as worried that she's going to deliver while we're gone tonight and most of tomorrow.
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