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Tuffy went camping with us,,,

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Hi, Tuffy went camping with us this weekend. He went back to the same place he found me 10 months ago. We were even on the same site again. He did great, I am pretty sure he still new where we were because as I pulled in he was in the window all excited and checking things out.

I love the one picture with Tuffy looking out the camper window at the sunrise, I couldn't sleep so I was up watching the sun come up with him.

I had him tied outside in the harness on a long leash and he did great, I did not think to get a picture of this because I was still setting stuff up and then it started to rain.

The other Tuffy picture is of him in the chair by the door waiting for me to come in from taking the outside pictures.

He didn't even complain while on the road like he normaly does. I had him in the motor home a few time in the yard so he is used to it. I think he really liked it there with us. He seemed less stressed out than when he is home. He has a safe place under the bed in the back of the camper he goes to if to many people he don't know come in.

The pictures are at Riverside park here in Berlin Wi. where we live. I was right on the big river that runs right through town.

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Aw, he looks like a natural camper kitty
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Your so lucky to be able to take Tuffy camping with you!

I'd love to able to take Harley camping with us back home, but my parents have 2 dogs (large ones ) so I don't think that would go over very well!

Great pictures!
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I don't normaly take him with us, I just wanted to see how he reacted to going back to where he found me 10 months ago. I was a little worried he might want to take off when he realised where he was but he didn't even try and sneek out of the motor home. He just wanted to be where ever I was. It is nice to know that if I want to take him along camping I can and not have problems.
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That's adorable!! He looks like he's having such a great time!
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Aww! Great pictures Thanks for sharing!! Looks like he had a really great time!
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What sweet pictures and what a happy cat!
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That's wonderful, it looks like he had a nice time!!!
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Ahhh those are so cute, we used to alway's take our Basset Hounds camping, they loved to go, fishing and all All my poor hubby did for the kids was take the bobbers and poles out of the trees...
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I'm so pleased that you took Tuffy with you and that he dealt with it so beautifully!

He certainly looks like he had a great time with you! The sunset picture is gorgeous!
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That's wonderful that you can take him camping with you! He sure looks like he had a good time. I love the sunset shot!
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Awww that's so sweet.....
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I'll move this to fur pictures for you
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I thought evryone would enjoy the pictures. Just to be clear that picture is of the sunrise at 4:00 AM Saturday morning.
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