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Pick Petfinder Pics, Please!

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I need to put up new pics on Petfinder & I want YOU to pick them. I think all pics of Damita & Chico are gorgeous, so I am slightly biased. There are a few things I would like you to do:
1)Pick out which pics you like-would you adopt them from the pic?
2)Point out any drawbacks to the pics
3)Offer any tips on how I could take good pics(things to cut oout of pics, things to not have in pics, etc.)
4)Do you think a pic of the two of them together be a good idea?
5)Are any of the pics of Damita & Chico that are already on their Petfinder pages good(should I keep any of them)?

For starters, here are their petfinder pages now:

Here are the pictures I have taken. I am in the process of taking more. Chico is currently on Terramycin for his eye, so I am going to see what he looks like at the end of the 7 days. If he looks better, I might take more pics then.
Damita #1

Damita #2

These two are the same pic, just cropped different. Is one better than the other?
Damita #3

Damita #4

Chico #1

Chico #2

Chico #3

Chico #4(This one I also have in a wider crop w/ more background, but it isn't in my photobucket)

I'm not going to say which ones I like or don't like & what I don't like about them(honest opinons-no matter how bad). I want to know what you think. Not that I mind them having bad pics on Petfinder...then no one will want them & I can keep them here. Is that a bad thing?
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Are these pictures to add to the ones currently on Petfinder? I wouldn't change any of the ones you currently have up for Damita. The two of her being held are just adorable and the other one currently up is a cute full--body shot. I would, however, photoshop the glare out of the left eye in the full-body shot currently on the petfinder page.

As for the new shots of Damita, I think the one of her stretching out and showing off her press-on nails is cute cute cute. I'm not so fond of photo #2 because, again, you can't really see how cute her eyes are. Because of the glare, she looks kinda "possessed." Photo #3 and #4 are good in that they show how beautiful her coat is but they aren't my favorites. In fact, I'd just eliminate photos number #3 and #4 altogether. If you have to keep one of those, go with Photo #3.

Let me look more closely at Chico's photos, now.
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Chico Photos:

Photos currently on Petfinder: I'd get rid of the one where he's in the crouching position. It makes him look unfriendly. I like the one where he's cuddled with a person but could you photoshop the tear out of his eye?

New Photos: Chico #2 and Chico #3 are the best. I don't like Chico #4 because you have the cat-eye-glare problem again and there's also some black gook in one of his eyes.

By the way, both Damita and Chico are beautiful kitties!
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Alright so get rid of the pic of Chico in the crouching position. He does look mean there. Add pic #2 of Chico. I think it's super cute, but maybe photoshop the eyes. They are glarey.

Damita...PLEASE PLEASE add photo number 1 of Damita. It's so adorable. She looks so friendly. The pics that are on there now make her look mean to me. She just looks unhappy in those pics on the petfinder links. I'd say Add number one, AND number 2 of Damita. But again, the glare is scary.
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I also LOVE photo number 1 of damita and photo 2 of chico.
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I'd have to say Damita #2 and Chico #4. My choice for Damita might look better without the glowing eyes, if you could fix that it would be wonderful. Her pics now are cute though. I'd have to agree about Chico's current one, she does look rather mean. I love picture #4.

What cuties!
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#1 of Damita - it makes her look so cute and playful!

#2 of Chico - what a cutie!

I hope they find homes soon, Natalie!
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Originally Posted by babyharley

I hope they find homes soon, Natalie!
I hope they don't!

The problem with the pics that are already on Petfinder is that they were taken too soon. They had just came in the house, got spayed/neutered/UTD on shots/FeLV tested, & then went to the HS to get pics taken. This all happened within a matter of 4 days. Chico has had problems with a watery/boogery eye, but the vet can find nothing wrong with him. It only happens when he is cold. Whatever...I guess.

I am willing to cut whatever pics are already on petfinder that you guys think are bad & keep the ones you like.

Do you like the second pic of Chico that is on Petfinder? I can't get rid of the watery eye...it would have to stay as is.
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