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Kali's haveing her babies right now

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the first one is orange and white ill post more in a lil bit
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Good luck!
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Congratulations and good luck!
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Oh, I knew it, I knew it Orange and white, that is a great start! I can't wait to see pictures. Good luck to you and Kali
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she has had 4 so far and still going she 3 orange and white and 1 tabby so far will keep you posted
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ok she is done she had 4 orange and white and 2 tabby i will post pics as soon as i can figure it out on how to get them on here Thank you all for listening to me when i was worried about her all of your help was great
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Congrads new Grandma & Mommy
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awww congrats n cant w8 2 c ur pics
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With that many orange & whites, count on the litter being predominantly male!!!! COOL!!!! I love boy kitties...once they're neutered, they become your absolute BEST FRIENDS EVER!!! Perhaps the tabbies are girls?

Awww!!!! Can't wait to see some pictures!!!
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I agree wookie, a neutered male cat is soooo loveable!
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Oh I love orange and white babies there so sweet, good luck momma
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update on kali she wont stay in the room and feed the babies someone has to be in there with her and we have to take care of the kids to what do i do?
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confine her to either a smaller room and shut the door or confine her to a dog crate. Does she run in and feed them when they cry? some cats just dont' stay with the babies all the time some do. As long as the babies are being fed and are warm they should be ok, but i would confine her into one smaller room for a while, maybe let her out after she nurses for a bit a couple times a day for some exercise, then put her back in the room.
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I think Kali and Ruby delivered at about the same time yesterday (around 3:00pm Central time until 5.) This morning Ruby really wanted out of her room, so I let her some out. She walked around for a while, said hello to my little girls and then went into my 3 year old's closet. She ran back into the bathroom and carried two of the kittens (at once) to a corner under some toys. I immediately moved them back to the box and locked them in. Maybe Kali is just looking for a place to move them?!
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Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures! Good luck with her nursing.
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she wont stay in the room not unless im in there! I cant stay in there all day lol i have to take care of the kids to if they cry she just meows at me like it is my fault im tryin to help her all i can. She had a runt which is the one im keepin and her name is goin to be kylie i feel in love with all of them im keeping 3 and the other 3 are goin to one of my family members but the runt is haveing a hard time eating becuz the bigger ones keep pushing her out of the way what should a do so she can eat?
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I have a runt too. I check on them every 30 minutes and at least try to get the bigger ones out of the way and get her on the nipple. I thought she wasn't eating enough/long enough, but now her belly is so full! I too, have children that also require my attention, I can't imagine having to sit with Ruby in order for her to nurse. Good luck!
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You should keep the momcat enclosed with the kittens for part of the time, but give her breaks occasionally. They should eat every 2 - 3 hours, so I would let her out for 15 - 20 minutes after they all fall asleep after eating. And she does tushy duty. (Does that sound ok to what other people are doing? - Gaye? Becky?) She is just very attached to you, and wants to keep her connection to you as well.
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