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My name is Lisa. I'm a new breeder of American Long Hair cats. Well. I recently had two mother cats give birth within three days of each other.
My oldest female cat just gave birth to four kittens on 6-6-06! And my youngest mother just gave birth to two yesterday but then this morning we discovered she had given birth to another one only it was dead so we had to bury it earlier. Well the first mother(who is alot more experienced with kittens haven given birth times before is also the mother of the youngest cat who gave birth yesterday. Her daughter gave birth three to four days after mommy did. Problem. She is the sweetest cat in the world but she isn't a good mommy. She can't help it. Things just happen sometimes. She wouldn't nurse them. They wouldn't nurse her and as I observed her nipples, she has like NO milk coming out of them at all! I think that's why. She also keeps leaving them, not keeping them warm oranything like that. In order to save their lives, I had to work fast in determining what I should do. So I gently introduced them two boy kittens) to granny and she took them without any hesitation. She has even bathed them and allowed them to start nursing. Which they are trying to do off and on right now. I am feeding them a little bit of regular cream(It's all I have right now untill next payday which won't be untill later in the week) They seem to love it and right afterwords, go right on granny's nipples and start nursing. Is there anything else more I can do for them besides this? I'm keeping them warm and they seem really small. Not sure if they are premature or not to be honest. Abby(Grandma) is doing an excellent job at keeping them warm along with her other kittens so I'm not too worried about that right now. I'm just hoping they continue to be strong. The black and white boy seems alot stronger and more aggresive then his grey and white brother too. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks
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I had that happen with a mother/daughter both being bred about a week or two apart. Just in case Glad I did cause while daughter had them ok, she was not cut out to be a mother. Unfortunately there was something wrong with her 2 kittens as even grandma rejected them.

The daughter was spayed and after shown for awhile, placed in a pet home.
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