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Moving kittens??

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Veruca's kittens are 4 days old. At some point between last night's visit at midnight and this morning at 10am, she moved the kittens. She has been letting us handle them and had kept them in the same spot that she delivered. We walked in a couldn't find them anywhere!!! Finally we discovered she put them under the Lazy Boy chair.

Do you think she moved them because she doesn't want us to handle them anymore? Her "cubby" was getting small for all of them, but this new spot was even smaller. No way would she have been able to get to them. They would've had to crawl out to be fed. Also, my resident cats might have been outside the bedroom door bugging at her because we were out of the house for a while last night. Would that be another reason she would hide them? I just wondered what, if anything, she might be trying to tell us by the change. Any suggestions?
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hey well when my moms cat had her baby's along time ago my cousin came to visit and she got scared so she moved all her kittens into the closet!!! have you had any vistors over that made her felt scared if so that might be the caes!!! (i hope this might help)
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pxxiegirl......she certainly could have been spooked by your resident cat.

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