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If you were a cat...

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If you were a cat, what breed would you be? And what color? And what would be your name? And what would your fave food? What would you do? Tell me all about your "life" as a cat.

I'd be a calico breed with mostly black and white and a bit of brown named Fluffie. My fav food would be chicken and I'm always playing with string laying around and eating.
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If I was a cat, I'd probably be black & white, as I love those colors, they're very classy, and most likely long-haired... and very spoiled...I'd be a high maintenance kinda girl who LOVES attention. I'd probably have a designer's name like Prada or Gucci, and only eat expensive food. And I'd always be up for marathon petting/rubbing sessions!
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I would be a seal or blue point Siamese male owned by someone like me to spoil me rotten-I'd be one pampered pet & eat only the very best food to keep me healthy-My name would be Tian ( means more in Chinese)-I'd spend my day chasing imaginary butterflies inside while I watch them outside-especially when my owner's monarchs hatch-lots of fun for me-
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I would want to be a calico or tortoiseshell.. I'd want a cute name.. like Mitsuki (I think I've been watching too much anime lately.. ), my favorite foods would be chicken and seafood, and I'd like to spend a lot of time exploring.
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I'd probably be a long-haired moggie neighborhood cat, stopping in at all the neighbor's houses for dinner and treats and tummy rubs and playing with butterflies and random garbage that skitters across the street when the wind blows. I'd also be quite the bird stalker, I'm sure!
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I'd be a lilac point ragdoll, with a sweet, friendly temperament. My owner would spoil me rotten, and I'd sleep all the time, except for when I was purring in my human's lap or watching birds through the windows.

My name would be Clover, and I'd be a happy cat.
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I would be my cat, and a nice small blonde woman would talk to me in a cheery voice and heat up my food, rub my cheeks. let me watch her bathe, and clean up everytime I went to the bathroom. Occasionaly she would trip over me or lightly step on my toes because I like to walk between her feet but mostly she is always good to be near because she loves me and treats me with such tenderness. She says no when I get on the kitchen counters but thats a smal price to pay for all the attention and pampering I get.
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Calico of course! and live as far away from humans as possible. I'd be the top cat in the colony and spend my days exploring, hunting, climbing trees... I wouldn't mind being a mama cat at least once in my lifetime.
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If I were a cat I would be either black and white or an orange tabby. I would be a very curious cat but would also be careful. My favorite food would be IAMS (my cat's fav.) and I would always be jumping on stuff. If you want to talk exotic cats, I'm deffinately a cougar. I'd live my life like any normal cougar would.
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