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Bee sting????

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Bella and I were out for a walk on Sat. and while she was sniffing some flowers something bit or stuck her in the paw because she jumped 10ft off the ground. I tried looking at her paw to see if there was blood(from a cut) or a sticker stuck in the paw, but couldn't find anything. Plus she kept curling up her paw and licking it so I couldn't really get a good look.
Anyhow I took her to the vet to be sure nothing was wrong because her paw swelled up to twice the size.
He didn't find anything either so he treated it like a bee sting.
The swelling went down-and she is OK now-
My question is-has anyone treated a bee sting on their own without going to the Vet?? Was their something I could have done on my own without giving Bella 2 injections for the swelling and itching?
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Kitty had a reaction to the poison in the stinger. I have seen bee kits for pet first aid kits, I believe at Petco.
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If Bella had an itchy bump the size of a quarter (in other words a non-allergic reaction) I would say it would be similar to treating a human that was just stung by a bee. (poor Bella by the way)

If Bella's paw indeed swelled twice her normal size and she was itchy all over (and given two injections), it's starting to sound like an allergic reaction and that can be an emergency situation.

Probably best to ask your vet if indeed it was an allergic reaction or if it is something you can treat at home if it should happen again.

Glad to hear she's ok
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