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I'm treating myself to a massage.

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I told myself when my two big commercial landscape jobs are done I'm getting a massage. I've only had one once -that was almost 9 years ago.
So I have an appt for the end of the month for a deep tissue massage. I've have never had one of these types before. I would like this massage to concentrate on my shoulders and hamstring areas for sure.
Has anyone had experience with this type of massage and what should I be asking for??? Do I tip the massuese???
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I've been getting deep tissue massages for awhile because of tendonitis problems. It really helps keep the pain down. If your muscles are tight, expect to be a bit sore afterwards and drink lots of water. But it really is worth it to me because everything gets much looser.

I went through a clinic so I didn't do any tipping and can't help you there.
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I never had a professional message. Hubby gives me plenty of messages daily and I think I would hurt his feelings if I go to the professional message.

I have heard it is better to bring a gift basket than to tip. I am not sure, though.
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I've always tipped the masseuse at least $20. With my arthritic back and joints, I am most appreciative of her attentions.
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All I can say is I'M JEALOUS!!! BUT, having said that, lol...You really deserve it so I hope it is fabulous!
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Gail you really deserve it!! I love getting massages, I think the more pressure the better. I have never tipped my massage therapist. I don't know if you are supposed to tip massage therapists. I do tip the massage ladies at the spa, but they are not licensed professionals, so with them its more aroma, relaxy as opposed to deep rubbing into muscles.
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I usually tip the same way I would for the hair stylist (15-20%) although I would imagine they would prefer cash to a gift basket otherwise they would end up with loads of gift baskets all having the same thing.

Let them know what kind of work you do and what you want to get from the massage, and don't be afraid to tell them to stop if it hurts too much etc or you find its not exactly what you want
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I had a massage once and the worst part was my calves - they kind of "rebounded" and the next morning they were so tense that I literally couldn't put my heels on the floor. That's something I'd talk to the masseur/masseusse about beforehand. Otherwise, it's a really nice experience. It's a nice way to spoil yourself and you don't have to feel guilty because it promotes health!
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Have you ever had a deep tissue massage? They can get pretty intense, and often downright painful. A lot of times people change their minds after a few minutes and decide it is too much for them. Don't be aftraid to say so if it is too painful. It won't do you any good if it hurts, your muscles are contracting and you are flinching away from the work being done on you. It will just make you more sore, and feeling bruised. Many people book deep tissue massages with me, not even knowing what it means, just thinking deep tissue sounds good, (and it does) only to have me end up doing a firm to moderate Swedish massage. If you have particular areas you need work, let you massage therapist know, and they should budget their time to concentrate on those areas. They should do a brief medical intake form before they start your massage, to make sure you do not have any conditions that a massage would hurt. You should arrive a few minutes early if possible, because some places will take up part of your hour having you fill out the form, and you want to get your full time on the table.
I work in a salon, and about half of the people I work on tip. Ther is really no set amount, but a lot of time it is about $5.
Enjoy your massage!
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I love massages!!! They are the best thing ever! Hubby always gets me a 1/2 day at the spa for Christmas. A deep tissue massage will be deep, they will be pushing all the way down to the core of your muscles. And yes, this is not for alot of people. But it is for me!
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Well after spreading 8 yds of topsoil in 2 1/2 hours this morning I'm ready for my massage now!!!
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