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I found the answer to all my pet problems!!!

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I want to start by saying I, in no way, have any relation to Petsmart other than just being a consumer. Meaning, this isn't some sort of spam post. I had shopped there before for basic stuff like chew toys for my dogs, cat toys for my cats, etc. Well today I went there to buy Feliway and found products that I never knew existed!!

Problem #1
I have to keep one of my cats in my bedroom when I'm not here because the other two cats attack her whenever they get a chance (she's the new kid on the block). Well she has basically SHREADED the carpet underneath the door. I'm hoping Feliway will help with that too but I found this stuff called Sticky Paws that you can put on furniture, drapes, carpets, etc. and it will deter the cat from scratching there!!!! I wish I had known about this in October!! It would have saved me a lot of money since I'm going to have to replace that carpet!

Problem #2
I have two dogs as well. My female dog Sophie has this one spot - in my dining room of all places - where she will sneak off and pee. I have spent so much money on Stain Removers and even bought a carpet shampooer and she still always goes back to the same spot!!! Frustrating! Well I found this spray called Nature's Miracle that's made specifically for this very problem. It claims to eliminate the odor and leave behind a fresh scent so my Sophie girl won't pee there anymore.

We'll see if all this stuff works. I hope so because I'm going bankrupt on trying to maintain a halfway decent house, considering I'm such a sap for cats and dogs!
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Nature's Miracle is wonderful. I have used it to prespot an area in front of the sofa where the carpet get's really dirty. It looks like new!

Also my kitty had throw-up problems with hairballs during shedding season, and Nature's Miracle was wonderful at removing the spots. My kitty doesn't have issues peeing outside her box, so I can't attest to that part, but I would use this product as a general carpet/fabric cleaner.
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Oh I couldn't believe it. I've tried so many different stain removers. Nature's Miracle is by far the best. The whole reason I started this thread was in hopes that it would help someone else who is having similar problems.
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