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Houseflies!! Why are they soooo annoying?? Geesh, they have been invading my house and I cant stand them!! LOL.....anyone else get annoyed with them?? Or any other flying or non flying insect??

Sorry, just had to *vent* for a sec....
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What I hate are those millipede things. For some reason my dorm had a ton of them in the heating stuff, so they'd crawl out and scare you. I've seen them here too, but Zissou usually eats them.
I'm terrified of flies, they make me feel like a corpse or something,I think it has something to do with an Emily Dickinson poem.
There's these things they sell that are like fly paper but they're like a column and have pink squares meant to look like cubes on them and fake flies, they work better than fly paper... I can't find anything online, sorry.
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Fortunately we don't get a lot of flies. But when there is one in the house, all heck breaks loose as Lucy and Carly chase the creatures down. Of course, Lucy has to tell you about it the whole time
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I had a really bad infestation of fruit flies once and yes, they're incredibly annoying. But you'd be surprised how fast they disappear when you cut their food supply (in my case, keep all kitchen garbage in a closed garbage can)

So far this summer all I had were ants.
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oh yeah down here in mid MO there are flies like CRAZY! when i see them i either show it to Kitty or i get a wet wash cloth and start swinging at them.
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OMG we have em too! I give the kids fly swatters and tell em to have at it!
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Since we've moved and have a balcony now, we've been getting more insects in the apartment.
Flies are great - the boys go crazy chasing them down! Talk about cheap entertainment, and they get a meal out of it too!
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omg yes, totally agree. I think the worst are mosquitoes!
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It's winter here and I can't remember the last time I saw a live fly!
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I can't think of a bug that i do like aside from ladybugs (which are actually ladybird beetles) and butterflies. The rest i could do without!
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If you have flies in your house put out a glass of cheap red wine right before you go to bed. You will wake up the next morning with a glass full of dead flies. It works every time.
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Here in NW Arkansas the flies have taken over. Our garage is full of them and everytime we go out there a few get in. My husband hung the fly strips in the garage. It looks so ghetto, but what can you do?
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Thay love the challenge of a good energetic bug inside…..It just grosses me out that they clean up the kill!
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