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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
I am so glad that Stumpy came though his surgery and is recovering at home where he is happy.
I will keep him in my thoughts and am sending him lots of healing vibes for a quick recovery.
Keep us updated about his progress.

Sending lots of prayers for a speedy recovery.
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I really hope that the dental extractions were successful! I hope Stumpy heals quickly as well, poor baby.
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It's good to hear that Stumpy's dental surgery went well. I hope he's feeling better soon and that the long term results are all that you hoped for. Hugs and healing vibes to Stumpy.
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Fingers crossed, I am glad they didn't have to take as many teeth out as they thought, but I bet he doesnt feel as crap as you think, I have only had issues after dentals with one of the cats I have, and the majority of the ones that come here have had to have dentals.
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He was gulping down dry food today - he really doesn't like canned food all that much. And I just caught him chasing Oscar up the basement stairs and down the hall at full pace.

He's my alpha. Tough as nails and I shouldn't doubt him in the least.
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That's great!!
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I wish you had a picture to share of your boy running at full speed.
Way to go Stumpy.
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So pleased to hear that
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Sounds as if Stumpy is back to his old self. I'm so glad he came thru his surgery so well. He sounds like a tough little guy. Sending him loads of ear skritches.
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Tons of good vibes {{{ }}}
For you and Stumpy.
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I am so happy that he is doing well.
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