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Hello everyone! I am having a few problems with Cally. She likes to walk on the kitchen counters and across my electric stove. I have tried squirting her with water,and making noises with pennies in a jar,but it only works foe a few seconds,then she goes right back onto the counter. I have not used me stove since I brought her home a little over two weeks ago. I am afraid of her getting burned. I can't lock her up in my bedroom when I am cooking because that is where my parrots are. I can't lock her in the bathroom because my neighbors will hear her crying and complain to the landlord. My landlord doesn't know I have a cat and I don't want her to find out. What can I do?

Another problem I am having is that Cally plays too rough with me. She loves to attack my hands by biting them. She also follows me around at night and attacks my feet and ankles. I have tried saying no, and taking my hand away from her, but she pounces on it anyway. She even wakes me up at night my biting my feet and hands. If I cover my hands up,she goes for my face. Is she just playing? She doesn't growl or hiss while she is doing it. She has also done this with my fiance` and my parents. Can anyone please help me?

Diane and Cally

P.S. I never hit any of my pets. I was reading someone elses post,and I saw someone say to give the kitten a toy instead of their hand,I have tried that and it didn't work.
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Here's a couple things you can try for her walking on the counter and stove (since you aren't using it anyway...).

Clean it with a very strong smelling citrus cleaner, maybe even leave some orange rinds up there or a citrus air freshener. Cats generally hate the smell of citrus and will avoid it.

You can also put some double sided tape or contact paper on the counters and stove, sticky side up. They really hate the feel of sticky on their paws.

You can also rig up more of those noise makers, like a few pennies in a soda can, and line the edge of the counter and stove with those, especially when you are away. That way, whenever she jumps up on she will hear the noise. Of course, if she's really smart she may figure out that if she jumps up at the same place it doesn't happen. Sometimes they are too smart.

One thing that people suggest for kittens playing too rough is to make a "I'm hurt" noise when she bites. Depending on her upbringing before you got her, and how much contact she had with humans (i.e. if you got her at a shelter or rescue) she may just be playing with you the same way she would play with other kittens and her kitty mommy. Be sure to play with her with teasers and dangling toys and praise her when she plays with these appropriate toys.

Hope this helps!
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Also, one other thing that might work is to buy a bunch of helium balloons and tape them to the side of the counter. It *usually* works to scare the cat away from jumping up, but there are those who decide to attack the balloons instead.

If she bites you, get up and walk away. Put her on ignore for about 3 minutes then go back and sit down near her and see what she does. Sounds to me like she needs a brother or sister
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I had some balloons I brought home once for my cats. Most of them were scared to death of them, but there was one who loved them. Chased them all over. He ran around in circles trying to get the end of em. Then they'd start to stick to his sides...haha...too funny.
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I still can't keep mine off the counter, but screaming when they bite and scratch has worked very well for me. I make a big fuss like they have done some real damage and they will stop in their tracks. None of them do it much at all any more. It took 2 or 3 times, but it worked.
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i have a very stubborn cat that does this too. he can't stand to not know what is going on. it took awhile, but i have gotten it to where i can say DOWN really loud and stern, and he will hop off-treats help too=) sometimes he will look really pissed off or pretend like he doesn't hear me, but if you keep at it they will get the message.

hey-i didn't know htat cats don't like citrus! one of my cats (the same naughty one that gets on the counters ) LOVES orange juice and cranberry orange muffins from starbucks. i can't have either one w/o all 17 lbs of him all over me trying to get a bite!
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Thank you all so much for your advice! You are all so helpful. I am glad I came to this forum. I will post periodically to update on how Cally is doing.

Diane and Cally
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And that will be Bailey, he loves to sleep in my dish drainer when it is empty. LOL I can hear him get up on the counter even if I am in another room and all I have to do is yell "Off the counter Bailey" and he hops down.....
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O&P - I should have said most cats hate the smell of citrus. LOL Of course, in the world of felines there is an exception to every rule. Most of them will make a little squinty face and back away. Sounds like your kitty is a real lap-full of trouble! :laughing2:
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Snowball is another one who can't stand it when he can't see what's going on...especially when food is involved. Our stove is electric too, and he sometimes walks across it, but when the burners are turned on he can feel the heat and avoids contact with the stove top. I've never had to worry that he will be accidently burned.

If I tell Snowball to get down he talks back spraying water on him does work though.
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valanhb-i think my oreo is an exception to EVERY rule! he is so naughty, but so lovable that he is my favorite
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For cats who love to see what's going on, buy a cheap barstool from WalMart. Then initially give the cat treats when she jumps on the barstool, but make her jump down if she moves from the stool to the counter or stove. It won't take long for her to realize that the barstool is the best place to be...no yelling and she can see what mom is doing!
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