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My cat is an indoor cat and she doesnt go outside. We live in an apartment on the first floor and she is always in the window. My boyfriend and I recently discovered that she has fleas!!!!! I gave her a bath sprayed the house and put a flea collar on her. What is the best way to keep those little critters off of my cat?
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Advantage. Or Frontline.
It is available over the counter now so most pet shops will have it.
Also, next time you're at the vets mention it as she will probably have tapeworms, too, from ingesting the fleas.
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Oh heck poor Princess - Frontlines a good one. Fleas are a menace arent they ! What probably happened is that you can bring eggs in on your shoes (yukie !!) they then hatch and jump on the nearest dinner plate...........your Princess, so dont worry its not you, just those clever little critters fleas.
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Also, please take the flea collar off of her. It may do more harm than good. What you can use it for is vacuming. Cut it up and place it in your vacum bag and clean the areas she spends the most time. Immediately dispose of that bag so you don't give any hardy fleas the opportunity to crawl back out of the back and into your house.

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Flea collars are dangerous. So are the old over-the-counter flea medicines, not counting the ones that are now over the counter but did not use to be, such as Frontline, etc.

After you have removed the flea collar, (and please tell me you didn't use a flea shampoo for the bath! If you did, wash your cat again RIGHT NOW with the mildest soap in your house, flea shampoos can and have killed cats), wash everything removable (blankets, pillowcases, rugs, etc) with hot water. I kept the doors to the bedrooms closed when Zissou had fleas, and never got any in either. Vaccuum often with a bag-type vaccuum, or if you have a bagless one then empty it outside and wash the cannister after every vaccuum.
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