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Cute foster kitties

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Cleo and her kittens who I fostered from age 3 weeks to 8 weeks. They have all since found excellent homes!

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Wow, adorable! How many are there? I have a black cat who had 8 babies last year. Some of her kittens could be twins with yours!
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There's 5 kittens - 3 little black guys (Frodo, Shadow and Byron), the tabby (Mojo) and a tortie and the only girl (Bella). Poor Cleo only had 6 nipples, so the 5 kittens fighting over 6 nipples got a bit tough. She was still nursing them at 8 weeks when they went back to the shelter can you believe. Little Mojo was still almost exclusively nursing from mum, but the rest were also eating dry kitten food, so at least she got a bit of a break!

As you can see Cleo just went about her business while little Mojo kept feeding...

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Just love that little tabby

Well done for looking after the little guys and mum
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It was really easy looking after them all which really surprised me. I just looked after mum and she did the rest. I had a big crate that went into the spare room and put blankets over it, and they stayed in there most of the time. As they got older they got more and more time out of the cage, but mum still looked after them. They never wanted any tinned food, and they turned their noses up when I mixed KMR with tinned food to try that.

They went straight to dry kitten food and never looked back, so I just had to keep dry food and water topped up, litter cleaned, and enjoy playing with them and giving them cuddles Mum was so good that I could take a kitten away from her while they were feeding (to rearrange them) and she wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Easy rewarding work
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