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My girl passed on

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Well, let me start off to say this is great site. I haven't been on much, dealing with a lot, including the kids.
My cat passed on yesterday, I know she was old. I feel like a baby, crying a lot. She was either 17-18 years old depends on what month she was born, I knew it was coming but I didn’t expect this kind of emotions. ^..^ I’m doing worse then my 5 year old ^..^
I guess it was when I got her; she had been to 8 different homes in the first 9 years of her life. I could tell she was beat with a broom a lot, and she hated men. I ended up getting with an abusive guy, he hurt both of us. And she would lay on my bed with me when he went to work (I’d call in a lot), we'd spend the whole day laying there. I left him, and she stayed with me through all of it. My friends didn’t come around (I wasn’t allowed), I wasn’t allowed to leave either, I would lock us in the bathroom a lot to get away when he was there. She was ALL I had in that time.
Anyway, I met someone else and ended up getting married and having kids. Before marrying I found a kitten less than 5 weeks old, I brought her home and she cared for her like she was the mom. They never fought; they have always cared for each other. Anyway, I moved in with hubby and she rarely came around, unless I wasn’t feeling well or she wasn’t feeling well.
Slowly throughout time she started coming around my hubby, it took her 3 years to trust him. He’s not a cat person either; he thought she was the best cat ever.
Anyway i'm rambling, I found her passed away this morning. I saw her yesterday morning, she was laying there on the floor, I gave her a nice rub down and did a finger kiss. She was laying there on her side, with her head cocked sideways, one eye closed, the other half open, completely comfortable. She meowed at me. I found her this morning, in the exact same spot, same look on her face, didn’t even move. She passed right after I gave her some love. It’s almost like she wanted that to happen, I do remember a different look in her eyes. But thought nothing of it.
Before anyone says anything, I don’t ignore my cats I didn’t notice because she stays downstairs, she’s not fond of our "big" dogs (they aren’t allowed downstairs). They knew who was top cat, but the basement was her palace. She had her food, water, litter box, place she perched every day. I made it a habit of checking on her ATLEAST once a day. And my roommate lives in the basement but he works graveyards, and she was in the back of the house pass the laundry room.
Anyway, my 5 year old makes it harder too, she says "mom, thelma used to give me kisses" It breaks my heart; my cat never liked kids, used to get terrorized before I got her. But she loved my daughter.
She also said to me today "mom, if me unbury her will she be alive again"
It broke my heart again. Tomorrow we are going to make a heart stepping stone and put it above her, we burryied her in the front yard.
I REALLY REALLY do apologize for rambling on, but I have a problem with the other cat I have. She’s not herself, her nick name is spaz, she’s 5 and in between maturing and want to flip out and play with everything. I tried to find her, hiding under my bed most of the day. Couldn’t get her out. Finally after 10 hours I saw her downstairs (she slipped passed me somehow) she was sitting back in the back right next to were Thelma passed at. She wouldn’t move. I just sat on the floor hoping she'd come to me. I eventually got up off the floor and went and picked her up and she laid her head on my chest. She never does that, no meow, no purr, nothing.
I will let her be for the rest of the night, unless she doesn’t come to bed, she sleeps at the foot of my side of the bed.
I guess does anyone know how this will affect her?
Thelma was her mom, when Thelma wasn’t feeling well eero would clean her, and stay by her side until she felt better.
I don’t know I’m a 29 year old cry baby right now.
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Ahhh My heart goes out to you, please know that your beautiful girl is not suffering at all now, she's at Rainbow Bridge waiting for you full of love and life, it's never easy to loose one...I'm sure you had alot of wonderful years with her, try to keep those in your thoughts, Bless you your in my Thoughts and Prayers at this time...
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Thanks, its just starting to sink in.
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It's so very hard to lose a senior kitty. I know, I lost my beautiful Snoopy last year at the age of 20. It was like a part of me died, as well; a part of me, I'll never get back.
My heart goes out to you, but if this helps, please know that your beautiful Thelma is healthy and young again now, and waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge. Know, that you will see her again, someday, and it will be such a wonderful reunion.

As far as your other kitty is concerned, I've read what the experts here at TCS say, and they say you should talk to your other baby, and tell her that Thelma has passed on, and just explain to her what happened. Somehow, they understand, and it helps them cope with the loss as well.
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I am very sorry for your loss. I think that your cat knows in some way what is happening and probably will sense Thelma's spirit around. They have a way of coping. Maybe another kitty would be good medicine. As for you, all you can do is take one day at a time and know that you gave Thelma a good home and lots of love. She will always love you for that. It sounds like she definatly passed peacefully and thats all you can hope for in a passing....take comfort in knowing she died peacefully. and remember that in time, as much as it hurts, it does get easier, I can gaurantee you that....although you just cant imagine that right now.....wishing you only good thoughts...Danielle
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I am very sorry for your loss of Thelma. I think you are right, that her "baby" is missing her. Just watch her closely to be sure she is eating.

Here is a pic of my kitty Festus, shortly after we adopted out a foster kitten that Festus had bonded closely with.
Some extra attention, and explaining to her that her "baby" Blue was really gone, and Festie seemed to do ok.

Rest in peace, Thelma. Your last years were those of love and recovering from your rough early years. Now you are in a safe place forever. Someday you will be reunited with your family!
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Thank you every one!!!
My daughter and I made a stepping stone heart with her name on it and we are going to put it where we buried her. My daughter says today that we should come see her everyday. So we are going to go out and see her everyday and say hi. She said earlier when she got up "mom, i had a dream about thelma, she came up to me and meowed 3 times and than gave me lots of kisses"
My other cat came up to me lastnight when i got in bed, she didnt sleep on the bed though. She crawled up on my chest and layed there, so we talked a little and than she hopped down and left. My roommate (he works til midnight) said he slept in the family room downstairs and she stayed down there all night on "thelma's" chair. He did say while he was awake he pet and played with her alittle and she wasnt into it.
Today my daughter and I sat on the floor and eero came up to us, wanted to be pet. So we pet her and my daughter told her thelma passed on, its sad but shes got a life to still live, and that we will buy her lots more toys to play with since mama isnt around to play with her no more. It was neat.
My old dog is wandering the house alot, he even shut himself in our bathroom. I guess he was looking for her and managed to shut the bathroom door, by looking behind it. Hes an austrailian sheppard and he knows something is missed, its his job. Keep his heard together. He also got out of the yard and from what the neighbor said and tried to chew open the front door. When we got home he was outside in the back still. So he's been searching, he must of smelt her though there was paw print in the dirt where we buried her, no scratch marks (to dig up) and you can follow them to the side of the house and back in the yard.
Anyway, thank you a bunch, i did alot of thinking in bed lastnight and i gave her a good home and i am glad i was the last person and only to see her off, even got a kiss from me.
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What a gorgeous girl Thelma is as well

Have fun over the bridge sweetie, all your new friends are waiting to play with you.
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So sorry to hear you lost your beloved girl. She sounds so special. Your post brought a tear to my eye on so many different levels. What pretty girl she it. thanks for showing her picture.
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Condolences to you & your family on the loss of Thelma. Poor Eero, I am glad that your little girl was able to explain it to her; the description of your Aussie looking for his cat, and Eero's grief, just brought tears to my eyes. But please take comfort that Thelma was able to be in your daughter's dream, and know that Thelma is across RB, with all our other loved ones, and that she is safe & happy forever. Susan
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Rest in Peace sweet Thelma. You are missed.
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I'd like to thank everyone for replying. It has been great to hear im not the only one to cry over a cat. Some people just look at me all wierd.
Eero has lightened up alittle, instead of sleeping at the foot of my bed she sleeps next to my chest or on "thelma's" chair downstairs.
My daughter and I made a stepping stone for her, I almost cried when i saw my daughter ped it. But at the same time it was cute. We do plan on planting a bush or flowers there too. Its just in one of those spots i can see the water meter readers or gas guys stepping on it. We may plant a honey suckel or i may transfer my butterfly bush there.
This is the stone she made, i helped with the some of the wording.

This is here putting one of my mini roses on it from my mini rose bush

And this is before we went backinto the hosue i caughter her "giving thelma a ped"
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Oh thats so lovely!!

God rest her little soul
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