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Question about outdoor heights

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I have an indoor 2 year old tabby. I now live in a 16th floor apartment that has a balcony. Is she safe on the balcony? There are birds that sometimes frequent the balconies and my worry is that she would jump up onto the railing with poor balance or jump after a bird and be going past the 8th floor before she realized there was a problem. My inclination is to keep the balcony door shut and locked even though I'd normally welcome the fresh air. I just wanted to confirm my suspicions?
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Go with your inclination! Cats have gone off ridiculously high balconies either on purpose or by accident and trying to second guess the possibilities isn't possible. I know it seems mean, but unless you can rig some kind of wind (and cat) proof enclosure, I wouldn't chance it.
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My friend lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor.............one day a bird flew by and ................the cat jumped out to catch the bird and fell all the way, she broke two legs, cracked her jaw and loads of ribs were damaged. Luckily my friend was in and was able to rescue her cat and get her to the vets. Shes fine now. BUT never, never goes on the balcony anymore !! Maybe the lanias that the Floridians use over pools etc, might be an option as long it was strong........
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I live on the 12th floor of an apartment building, and I don't let my cats on our balcony. I would open the door and let them watch the birds, but if they are interested in heights I would get a cat tree.
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You might want to read this:
High Rise Syndrome
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No, she definitely isn't safe on the balcony unless you can enclose it in some manner. A bird, butterfly, or even a fly could cause her to fall.
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