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Old cat & new kitten (with too much energy for a old sick kitty )

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Hey guys I got some good news and a few problems

first off I got my self a new kitty her name is Minx and she is a 3 month old tortie and a nice little kitty but I also have a older cat (see sig) he is about 4 years old and has cancer of the mouth. the vet told me to take him home till it seems liek its time to put him down.

Here is the problem I over a few days let the cats slowly get to know each other but the new kitten MINX seems to be attacking my older cat non stop she just wants to play but he is not up too it and I am worried with the cancer he may at some point snap and kill her. So far there has been no blood drawn from there fights for the most part I think they are playing but after a hour or so I tend to find MINX (kitten) will take it too far and my older cat will have at her (today he pinned her to the floor by the neck). Is there anything I can do to make it better for them I dont want to stress him out too much in his condition but I dont want to keep my kitten locked in my room for the next few months till she calms down (plan getting her spayed at 6 months as it will calm her down and it should be done anyways).

do you guys have any suggestions? So far I have been clapping my hands or yelling NO at them when it gets to violent and make sure my older cat is calmed down after the fight. I have also resorted to removing the kitten to another room when it looks like the older cat has had enough, but in order to keep this up it mean the kitten will have to be locked in my room for 8 hrs a day when I am at work. Now I dont know how long my older cat will last for the vet said to take him home and when he stops eating as much then its time to put him down but it could be a month it could be 2 years they dont know. any ideas would help thanks
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I would certainly separate them to give the old guy some peace. The last thing he needs at this stage is constant aggravation.
I would perhaps remove the older one to the smaller room instead of vice versa, though.
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We've just been through a similar situation with my resident cat (a 10 yo torti) and our new kitty (now 1 year, but 6 months when we got her). This is what I learned.

Supervise their interactions and keep a towel handy to use as a means to herd off the younger kitty when she starts to annoy your older kitty.

After an incident, reinforce your resident cat by saying "Good kitty!" and stuff like that but, remove the younger one to a different room and play with her A LOT.

When you see the younger kitty going for the older kitty, distract the younger one. Letting the older kitty observe the play will help. I told Callie she was the supervisor!

Give your older kitty LOTS of positive reinforcement and love without the younger one present.

Give each cat their own space to destress.

Try to keep up the older kitty's routine and act like nothing is different. I continued to call my older kitty to bed every night for 6 months until she finally started coming into my bedroom again!

Contain the younger kitty at night and let the older kitty have free reign to rule his castle!

Be patient and don't force anything on the older kitty.

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