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Mommy's Helpers

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Today was house cleaning day and I got lots of help!

Shelby first helped me strip the bed so I could wash the sheets.

Thomas made sure the dryer was ready for when the sheets got dry.

Thomas said things were all clear, but Leo had to double check.

Abby supervised the whole operation to make sure everyone was doing their job.

Thomas dusted the furniture.

And Shelby said she'd make sure everything smelled fresh.

Abby decided she'd run the vaccuum.

While the boys tackled the bathroom.

Thomas went to get everyone some water, but he never came back. When I went looking for him to see what the hold up was, I found him relaxing with the water. <slacker!>

So with the help of all my sweet babies, we got the house cleaned. Cooper always gets nervous when there's a lot of activity, so he stayed under the bed until everyone stopped moving so much.
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Those pics are so ADORABLE!! What good little helpers you have
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Your pictures are so cute I love Thomas helping out with the dusting!
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Thomas is the MOST helpful of the helpers. In fact, he can downright trip ya because he's constantly underfoot! I wanted to take some pictures of Cooper too...but he was in hiding all day.

Thomas and Cooper are such polar opposites that it's hard to believe they are brothers.

Thomas is intrigued with anything and everything.
Cooper is scared of anything and everything.

Thomas loves to be chased and play games.
Cooper prefers to be snuggled up next to me when things are quiet.

Thomas is energetic and rambuctious.
Cooper likes things very calm and quiet.

Just like children I suppose.....they are all different regardless of the fact that they are siblings.
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i love the pics i wish my cat would help but all she does is when i sweep she runs threw the dirt pile when i do dishes she tries to get in the water and when i clean the tub she tries to get in but most of all when i clean out her litter box and its completely empty she goes in!!!! yuck!!!! lol oh well i love her to death what am i to do, lol
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What good little helpers! Trent always helps with the bedding too. I love that picture of Shelby making sure everything smells nice. The look on her face is just classic!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I love that picture of Shelby making sure everything smells nice. The look on her face is just classic!
I know!! That made me laugh so hard. Shelby's such a cutie! I also love the fact that Thomas is trying to help out a bit from the corner of the frame.

Thomas and Cooper sound much like Molly and Penelope. M & P are sisters but really polar opposites when it comes to personalities. Penelope is a big "helper" when I'm doing chores. Penelope explains why "curiosity killed the cat." Molly on the other hand explains the word "scaredy-cat." She hisses and runs under the bed when she sees me with the vacuum or the laundry basket. The vacuum is clearly a "monster" but the laundry basket? Sheesh...
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What great "helpers"!
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Robin, you know how to make me smile, don't ya?? Love the pics!!! Keep them coming!
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Excellent photos, really sharp and clear

I wish my little horrors were that helpful
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Robin!!! So wonderful to see pics of your crew! Except I must have a Cooper fix!! Please?
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Please send them over, I'll pay for the exra help.. There great the complete clean up crew I see that made them thirsty to didn't it? Great Pictures
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My, my, your little helpers have grown in to handsome fellows! It is good to see them and have you posting again.
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Looks like you do have some wonderful help!! Those pics are too cute, and priceless Thanks for sharing!! BTW-your cats are all gorgeous!
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I love them! What wonderful helpers!
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Those are great pics!!, they really get into everything don't they!!
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I love the commentary!!! These pics were so funny!!! Thanks!
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Oh, what darling pictures!!!!!!!!! They made me smile!

I love the expression on Shelby's face with the's like she was doing a smell-check!
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Thanks everyone

The comments regarding Shelby's expression.......she made me laugh too. I kept my camera on the shelf in the living room while I was cleaning so that I could take pictures of the kitties helping me whenever they decided to do something cute. I had just taken the picture of Thomas with dust rag and was about to put my camera down when I turned and saw Shelby standing up on back feet with her front paws on the vanity chair with the Febreeze. I snapped the picture just in time. And Thomas really did go into the water box and lay down.

All of the actors are real. Nothing has been staged.
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Originally Posted by KittyKook

Tiger does the same thing!!
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I actually didn't see Thomas in there at first. I bent over to pick up the water to move it so I could mop the floor and that's when I realized he had gotten in there. Such a silly boy.
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Aw that made me smile... I love your helper cats and I love the stories you tell with them (and such great pics too)!
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Wonderful photos and beautiful cats. Gosh I wish mine were so helpful! I try to get Wiggies to help by playing "mop kitty" but he just leaves hair everywhere!
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LOL! That's cute!
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Those were great! I wish mine helped
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