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Kitten proofing my house

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I think I am pretty set as far as kitten proofing since my house is still toddler proof from my youngest. However, we do have a mess of cords under our computer desk and there is no door to that room. Any suggestions? There seem to be too many to try and gather them and stuff them into some kind of cord organizer, so should I spray them with bitter apple or what?

All my cleaners, etc. are in cupboards with kid latches on them. The outlets have those plug things in them. How about kids toys? My kids don't have anything really with tiny pieces ( I hate picking that stuff up so we don't have much of that stuff). I do plan on going through the toy room and replacing the current toy organizer since it is rather destroyed.

Also, I only have 3 plants: johnny jump ups, orange mint and greek oregano. I have checked several sites and haven't found it on the do not eat list.

Btw, I am going to a cat rescue about an hour a way. I was very impressed with their facility and the socialization of their cats. We are planning on an older kitten, unless an older cat really takes our fancy. We are looking for a playful kitten, but preferably one that isn't going to be hanging from the chandeliers. They actually had a Maine Coone cat there, but the woman said that he isn't that patient with kids and probably wouldn't be the best choice. (that really was the thing that made me decide that is where I wanted my cat from - they really cared about getting a good match!) My hubby is going and he said there are certain colors he doesn't want. I am hoping we can decide on one without killing each other! (hubby said absolutely not to 2 kitties so we are only getting one, unless of course, we each fall in love with a different one, right? )

I was not looking for a tiny kitten, but there was a little orange on there that kept following me around. Every time I sat down to play with the other cats, here he would come toddling. I think I would have a few more weeks to wait for him though since they don't adopt out before 8 weeks, preferably 10 weeks.

Okay, now that I have written a small book, any suggestions would be most appreciated. We want the best fit for our family and we want a safe environment for the little tyke.
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Hey Bronte....as far as all the cords go...look for a cord container. A couple of other things to consider: get covered waste paper baskets...make sure to put your toilet seat down so that the kitten doesn't use it as a drinking fountain.

Good Luck

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It's been my experience that you can do all the kitten proofing in the world and they will still find something to get into. I'm sure you experienced that with your children as well. One of my kittens actually got his claw stuck in a door hinge. Just be prepared for the unexpected and I'm sure you'll be a great kitty mom.

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The cords aren't a problem for us..Trout pays no attention to them. Although some cats may like chewing on them I guess its good to take precautions just in case..
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You guys would laugh at some of the cardboard/poster board barriers I have built around the backs of entertainment centers and computer desks. There's not much you can't do with posterboard and a staple gun.
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My advice: pick the kitten/cat that picks you, and get him/her a friend. If they play with each other, they tend to leave your things alone, actually making it easier for you to kitten proof your home.

For the cords: a cord case works great. Also get on your hands and knees and crawl around your entire space and look at things from a kitten's point of view. You will always find things they can get into, and those things will be small cracks and crevices.
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Don't forget to think about higher surfaces! Kittys jump a lot higher than kids!
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I will look for the cord container, not only for the cat, but because it will look so much nicer under there too. I really would like 2 kittens, but my husband is pretty adamant about only getting one. He is not much of an animal person and is letting me get one because I am an animal lover. He is going to help me pick one out so that he feels involved in the process and has some ownership. I also have 2 children, so they will be going too. Although I will probably have them sit down and let the cats come to them as they are all free roaming at this rescue and there are lots of itty bitties and I don't want anyone to get stepped on by accident.

I am at home most of the time so the kitten won't be alone all day. I also have a large crate (about 3x the size of a normal carrier) that I can place the kitten in while I am gone to the store or whatever to prevent accidents. I have had a kitten before and he was a holy terror!!!! He had been a barn cat and he was NEVER still. I found myself like the phone commercial, Can you see Oliver now? Can you see Oliver now?

As for uphigh, well, my youngest son was a climber. We didn't call him monkey boy for nothing! So, really, I do have things secured even up high as you never know what he will get in to. He is 5 yo now so it's not as bad, but just last summer he walked into the bathroom with a large knife. He wanted me to cut up some watermelon. I about fainted! I keep my knives in a closed box on top of the refrigerator. He had to climb up to get it and DOWN with it in his hand. I had to sit down to keep from keeling over!!!! But yes, I will take another look around to check everything out again.
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I have a kitty that digs so you may want to put some foil over the dirt on your house plants. It will prevent a lot of carpet shampooing.
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