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Do cats get seizures from poisoning?

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I bought a flea shampoo from the vet and on the next day my cat had a seizure. I took him to the vet. I was told that it was impossible that he was poison from the shampoo that it was just a coincidence. A week later he had another seizure, I thought it was the shampoo so I gave him a bath with a regular cat shampoo. I was almost certain it was the shampoo. So two weeks later they did a blood test and I was told that everything was fine. They didn’t know what was happening. He is taking Phenobarbital. I still think it was the shampoo. Do cats get seizures from poisoning?
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As far as I know, yes. I saw a cat have a seizure from eating chocolate which contains methylxanthines, which can cause a seizure. So I wouldn't doubt it from a shampoo.

I'd use regular Dawn dishsoap instead of cat shampoo, as sometimes cat shampoos can carry toxins in them. All you need is a drop or two of Dawn.
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I'm not so sure cats can have seizures from poisoning but I guess they could.Cats can also have seizures from stress and age. I have a 14 year old who does have seizures when he is being stressed or scared or when he hears my niece come in the house
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what shampoo were you given by the VET?
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I strongly disagree with your vet. I know from a true experience that cats can die from the wrong shampoo being used on them. I lost a cat a few years ago that went to a professional groomer. The gal used the wrong shampoo on Bartee and three days later, after seizures and other problems he was euthanized.
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Thank you for writing.

Does any body know if poisoning cause brain damage? I’m also worry that he’s taking Phenobarbital. If it was the shampoo, does someone know how long will it take to be flush out of the system?

I don’t remember the name of the shampoo, but I’ll get the name next time. Can I use baby shampoo? Because that’s what I been using to get rid of the flea shampoo. By the way, my cat is one year old.
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Get a new vet.

Flea shampoos do cause such symptoms, and I'm very surprised that your vet would sell you any in the first place and also that he hasn't seen any ill effects from it, because they can be fatal. The one I used before I knew any better gave me heart palpitations and made me pass out. And I wasn't the one who gave her the bath. I still am grateful that I didn't accidentally kill Zissou when I first got her. And that problems never developed resulting from it.
I'm glad you're washing it out.
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Yeah, get a new vet.

What was the shampoo called?

Flea shampoos, powders, and dips are archaic, and dangerous. Soap and water is enough to kill fleas, and I have no idea why they wouldn't just have you buy flea control, or give you a capstar.
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I use J&J baby shampoo all the time on my furbabbies! I have also used Baby Magic which works well also.
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Yes, flea shampoo can cause seizure-like episodes. But they are not true seizures - the brain is not affected, only the muscles.

Read the label carefully. If it is labeled for dogs, then it most certainly is what caused the problem.

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that your vet has never seen any problems from OTC flea preventatives.

The best flea preventatives are Advantage and Revolution, which you can get from your vet. They are very, very effective and the most severe side effect I have ever seen is a dime-sized bald patch where it was applied.
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Thank you so much for the comments. Does anybody know how long will it take for the poisoning to be flush out of the system? Because he is taking Phenobarbital and that worry me a lot.
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Please go to a new vet. I don't know anything about phenobarbitol but you may not be able to just stop giving it suddenly... And your cat needs to be treated for the poisoning, not just let it "flush out". He may need fluids. He may need all sorts of stuff. What he does need is a new vet, and asap.
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I am in total agreement about seeking out a new vet, and about Advantage & Revolution being the absolute best way to kill fleas. I mentioned to my vet once that I had given one of my cats a flea bath & he told me point blank that I was wasting my time. According to him, flea shampoos don't have enough toxins in them to actually kill fleas, and they are dangerous to use on your pet.
Also, I would never use the over-the-counter flea meds (the ones that you can pick up in any store) that claim to be as good as Revolution at a fraction of the price. I tried that once; it didn't kill the fleas, and my cats all had a bad reaction ( lethargy, vomiting, &/or refusing to eat). The prescription stuff is pricey, but it's well worth it.
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I like advantage for killing fleas
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I went to see another vet, but I wasn’t able to speak to him because he was very busy. But I ask one of the nurses some questions. She said that the effects of the shampoo are gone in a few days. So I don’t know how he had another seizure a week after. And if he were poison that the effect would be gone in a few days too. Again I don’t know how he had a third seizure more than two weeks later.

I was told by his vet that he could be epileptic. But how can that be?
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Cande ask your new vet to run a tox screen. It depends on if the cat was poisoned, how much poison the cat ingested. Some work rapidly and deplete the cat quickly others, over time targeting the major organs and causing deterioration and brain tissue damage. Really, these questions you are asking here, would be better served by asking a vet or poison control.
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The more questions I ask, the more stupidities I hear. I already spend more than $400 dollars on this. So I was wondering, maybe someone here knows something.
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"the more stupidities you hear" that's a sweet statement when someone is trying to help you. Good luck with your cat, sounds like you need it.
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I think Cande meant that the vets don't know anything so she's coming here to ask...

Do you live in an area where there are few vets within a reasonable distance? You may need to try another one. What is concerning is if it is the type of poison that takes awhile to see the effects of there may be more damage being done all the time its not treated. Did you ever notice any symptoms of seizure before you used the flea treatments? Lord, if I was in your position I would be getting a lawyer...and asking around to see if anyone's every had a similar problem with your first vet as you did. Try an internet search.
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Sorry Hissy, I didn’t explain myself. What Zissou’sMom said is exactly what I meant to say, "I think Cande meant that the vets don’t know anything so she’s coming here to ask" I already went to another and they don’t have experience with seizures in cats, or epileptic cats. So I fell like hell, extremely bad because I don’t know what to do.
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No Zissou’sMom, I never notice any symptoms of seizure before the flea treatment. I’ll call the poison control.

Thank you everyone for your comments.
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Ok sorry, i misunderstood. Cats can have epilepsy but it isn't that common. It is more common in dogs. If your cat has indeed been poisoned a tox screen will let you know. Liver and kidney values are ones to watch. Brain damage, again depends on if the cat was poisoned and with what. Do you still have the bottle of shampoo? Take it and call poison control. Pick their brain about what you should do, they really are the most in the know. If you go to and go to the health section you will see a category Online Cat Health Resouces and click there then you will see the Poison category.
Good luck
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Thank you so much Hissy.

And I really appreciate every comment. Thank you everyone.
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the name of the shampoo is, "ELIFE Flea & Tick Pet Sampoo" I can't find it in the internet. I hope someone will to post a link.
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Is the phenobarbital for the seizures??? If this is the case then I would be extremely concerned. You only want to put a cat on anti-seizure medication if this is extreme epilepsy... My cat has random seizure episodes due to a neurological disorder (thats what we think it is, her blood work is inconclusive and she was born with deformity so we think this goes hand-in-hand) and we won't touch anti-seizure medication because long term effects of the meds can be worse than the seizure itself. My vet said unless she has cluster seizures or many in a very short period of time then its not worth it. But that could also be because she is not having what I would refer to as gand-mal. They are just the loss of muscle control and no loss of consciousness.
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The fact that it is for "pets" and not cats makes it even worse.
Have you been able to find another vet or go back to the second one (never ever go back to the vet who sold you this flea shampoo!) to get your cat off phenobarbitol?
If I were you, I'd be hiring a lawyer to sue the first vet to pay for the treatment of the cat.
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I took my cat to another vet, to a cat vet. I stop giving him Phenobarbital, I was told just to stop that it wasn’t necessary to lower it because he didn’t take it long enough. The tests will be back on Thursday, but they have him a medication that I hope will make him feel better.

Thank you everyone for your comments.
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Yes! and if you even suspect poisioning or your cat is acting "off" it should be evaluated by a vet asap.
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