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Whole family gone.

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Well, now the saga is over. We'll bury the last little guy with his mama and brother and sister out back. He made it to almost 6 days and was much loved and wanted. Although his mother could not care for him, we tried our best- no other cat or kitten can fill this hole.

I'd post his pic but I can't look at it yet.
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This is terrible. What an enormous loss for you. I'm so sorry.
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My condolences on your tragic loss.
May all of your little angels RIP together.
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I'm so terribly sorry for your losses.
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Oh my, this is too much. I am truly sorry for your loss.
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I just went back & read about what you did...and you did a lot for this family. Even though it did not end as you would have hoped, it doesn't diminish the good work you did.

I'm so sorry.

RIP mama & babies.
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RIP mama and babies!! So sorry for all you have been through.
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I'm terribly sorry for what your going through. Rest in peace sweet babies.
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How terribly sad! I've been out of town, and wasn't able to get online. I'm so sorry to now learn that your baby didn't make it! And so sorry about his Momma and siblings, too! When people think dumping kitties outside is ok, they should be required to go through what you have in trying to save this little family!

Rest in peace, kitties. And deepest condolences to you. I foster, and fully understand how quickly you learn to love the kitties!
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Oh my goodness that so sad

RIP little ones
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I'll look for you other post, but it sounds just tragic so far. I'm so sorry for your loss(es).
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RIP Mama & babies - together always
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I am so sorry...
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