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Travel, New Home & Another Cat!

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I've been lurking for awhile and thought I'd ask for some advice from y'all.

We'll be making a long distance move (2 days in an RV) with our cat, to a new home. To add to that my Mom will be travelling w/us with her cat, as well as living with us. And on top of all that, these cats haven't met yet

We'll be stopping frequently in the RV for potty/water breaks (we plan on having small bowls of water available in their carriers which they'll be riding in) We'll feed at night, and they'll be separated, but able to roam out of their carriers.

We plan on keeping them separated in rooms at the house for awhile, so they can get used to a new environment, then slowly introducing them.

One is 11, the other 6. Neither have been around other cats.

I'm trying to think as much through, and ahead, as I can. Any thoughts/suggestions on all this to make it easier on them?

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What sizes are they relative to each other, what sex, and have they both been neutered? When they get 'there', do the vanilla extract trick - putting a drop on each of their chins, tail bases and between their shoulders, so they smell alike. I really wonder, though, how people managed years ago in similar situations, long before Feliway, etc. I know when we got married, we each had two cats, and just chucked them in all together with no separations. They hissed and swatted and mrrowed for 10 days, then just all settled down, and each new cat (except in the case of tiny kittens) was just thrown in the mix at the time, with basically the same scenario and timeline occurring and no disasters. Keeping out of their business, unless there's a real need to save a life, and just using common sense, may just work too, especially if they've been subjected to the other's smells for 48 hrs anyway by the time they get there.
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Both are fixed fems, one is 7 lb totally declawed, the other around 15 lb rear feet have claws. (disclaimer: we adopted them from the pet shelter declawed)

I had wondered since during the trip they'd both be in close proximity to each other and ceratainly hearing each other if we wouldn't be off to a start on introductions. We'd still have to confine them to rooms when we get there because of moving things in, doors open, etc. but possibly we may be able to get them together sooner, rather than later?

I guess if at all possible, I'd rather see them become friends, opposed to just tolerating each other. One good thing is that they'll both start out on neutral territory.

OK, I've pored over all the messages here and it's the first I've seen of the vanilla method. Easy and I'm going to give that shot. THANKS for that tip.
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