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9 yo cat vomitting/not swallowing food?

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(I also posted this on behavior since I wasn't really sure where it belonged: I hope that's OK!)

Hi there,

My 9 year old cat, Kitty, had a spell of vomiting about 6 weeks ago. She vomited about 6 times within three days, and I took her to the vet. After a thorough physical exam (external and xray under sedation) she was diagnosed as having "gastritis." Senior panel bloodwork showed normal kindey and thyroid enzyme/hormone levels, but slightly elevated liver and pancreas enzyme levels. I was told she either had a virus, or that she had gotten into something she shouldn't have. She had a 10 day course of amox. and the vomitting stopped. While it hasn't acutely "returned," she has vomitted twice in the last 2.5 weeks - each time it is fairly liquid (i.e., not hairballs). She has a great appetite and runs for the bowl when I pour the food, but I'm noticing that she gets the dry food in her mouth, chews a little, then flicks out small pieces with her tongue - it's almost like she doesn't want to swallow it. So I can't actually tell how much she is eating. But when we give her treats (which are soft) she gobbles them up. She also has a little eye discharge - mostly clear, though it's hard to tell. She's had no diarrhea, and drinks her water like normal.

In the last year she's lost about two pounds, (she weighs about 9 pounds now, maybe a little less) but we have also added a younger cat to our family and her activity level has increased. We decided to start her on hypoallergenic food (Hills Presciption z/d) to see if that helps the vomiting... but otherwise I am at a loss.

Her behavior is fine, she doesn't seem overly lethargic (i.e. she seems to sleep her normal amount) but I am worried about her weight. It seems like she wants to eat, but just can't. Could it be her teeth? I figured the vet would have checked that in my $350 appointment, but perhaps not?

I'm kind of at a loss and we can't really afford exploratory surgery....could it be IBD? Liver disease? Allergies? Just a persistent virus? Tooth problems?

Thanks so, so much. I really appreciate any info!

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Unfortunately the teeth & mouth area is the first a vet shold check - but from expereince that is NOT the case. Can you see anything? IF you suspect teeth I would go back and insist and having them looked at.

Teeth can cause a lot of problems incl. issues with the stomach
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