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No babies yet

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She still didnt have her lil ones yet. I know she was breed on the 4th or the 5th of april so i dont know what is going on i dont know if i should start to get worried or what?
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Just when you think it won't happen, it will They like to torture us Nina delivered last night even though I had her due date as 21-23 of June, go figure. It will happen, busy yourself and watch for lots of grooming down there. That is the only sign I saw from Nina
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she cant reach down by her vulva she is to fat she is grooming everyplace but there becuz she cant reach it lol
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We waited for Skittles forever tust me she will give birth
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she has been a little more vocal in the last hour then she has been she is hiding in a box right now
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no babies yet hopefully soon
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Originally Posted by cupcake1234516
no babies yet hopefully soon
i hope to get nice kitten
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they will probally be pretty kitties the mommy is a tabby and the daddy is a cream and white color my whole family is waitin to see them they go to school and tell there teacher my cats goin to have babies and when they go to school the next day the teacher say " did she have her babies yet"? lol so she is just as excited as we are
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after midnight here anything yet
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No babies yet she is sleeping right now and she has taken 2 bites of food all day since 10 in the morning i dont know if they stop eating altogether or if they will take a bite now and then but she has only taken 2 bites of soft food and no hard My husband said she will have them on the 1th so i hope so
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I think in the next day are 2 at the latest...
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Ihope so she looks so miserible she meowed all day and night and finally went to sleep
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Just keep good eye on her... Could be waiting for house to be still or just hen the timer goes off
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how she now ??
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whats the news ???
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Ya Ya well any babies......
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No babies yet! She was out of the room today and she kept meowing so i went to the room she was in and she followed me and she went in the room and climbed in a box and went under a blanket that is in the box i think today might be the day she has been really vocal since yesterday morning
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we took her temp and it was 99.8 so i dont know if that means anything but she is still in the box and panting here and there
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Oh, Oh, it sounds like labor has started. My fosters always give birth when I least expect it so I really don't know what to look for. Is she grooming her backside a lot?
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Well, stay with her sounds like she is the type that wants some company. I had a cat that would cry everytime I left her side when she went into labor, even jumped up with a kitten hanging out of her becuase I got up to use the bathroom. Had to get husband to sit with her so I could go lol.
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yes and when she has a contraction she gets up and walks around i dont think she knows whats goin on this is her first litter of babies so she is probally scared
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Sounds like it's time.

Best of luck!!! I'll be popping in and out to check on her progress!
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She Is Starting To Push!!!!!!
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Eeeeek! Post some pics if you can!
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4 babies so far and still pushing 3 orange and white and 1 tabby
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OK Kali is done she had 6 altogether 4 orange and white and 2 tabby she is doin really good now thank you for all of your help and i will post pics as soon as i figure out how to lol
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Congrats cupcake1234516
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Thank you! Your cats are beautiful
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WAY TO GO!!!! I missed it
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You Had Picture For Your Cat Before She Deliverd ..... ???
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