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Good ear mite meds?

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My Scottish Fold, Sweetie has earmites really bad. I applied some ear mite solution, but it really doesn't effect any of my cats that I've tried it on. Does anyone know of any good meds? Thanks in advance!
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Revolution kills ear mites.
I would be hesitant to use some over the counter products as I have seen some of them that burn. Your vet surely has something safe, fast, and effective.
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I strongly advise against over the counter medications for Sweetie and recommend that your little girl be examined by her Vet to receive an safe, effective prescription medication to treat these ear mites.
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Good vet prescribed IS best. A home remedy that works sometimes is a little good food oil... feks olive-oil. The mites suffocates in there, and the oil is harmless for the cat and humans. I have heard even some vets recommends it.
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I would not use an OTC meds for earmites. I used them years back when Mittens was a kitten and all it did was burn the skin on his ears and make the hair fall out on them. In the end I took him to the vet and they gave him an ointment in his ears and he's never had a problem since. It was only $16.00 for the treatment as well, so cost wise it's a good solution.

If you want to go natural I have heard that olive oil and a bit of oil of oregano placed on the ears will work, but I've never tried it so I couldn't say for sure.
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I would also recommend a vet visit. They can clean out the ears first better than we can, since we don't know what we're doing and could hurt the cat's ears. Then the meds they give also work better and are safer.
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Revolution works well. It kills the mites in one application. After that, clean them out using Tresaderm to get the gunk out and kill any lingering mites. Monthly application of Revolution will prevent re-infection.
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I use 2 drops of baby oil per ear. Works like a charm, just put the drops in, and hold the cats ear down and masage the oil so it gets down in there good.
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