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My Last-Ever Class!

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Yesterday I taught my last class! Now we have a study week and then end of year exams, marks and assessments, and then I shall be free! Yay I felt kind of sad and the students were really nice and said how much they will miss me, but it is a great feeling to know I can now do some things I want to do. I have invited some students to France in the summer for English conversation if they help me with making the garden and securing the paddocks, but it will not be like real classes. So hurrah for retirement!
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Go you Jenny!
*does a little dance for you*
Now you can fully enjoy your life and relax!
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You must be really looking forward to retiring in France. Sounds so wonderful!Hope you have a great summer and get the house organized quickly.
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Congratulations!!! Good Luck on the next chapter of your life. It sounds like it is going to be a good one.
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That is so great for you!! Happy retirement, you deserve it
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Wow, I love the sound of having to mark exams just one last time! You must be really excited about your upcoming move, and new life.
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As the saying goes, another chapter in your life closes and a new one begins.
Good luck with the move to France!! Though Europe didn't fit into our schedule this year when we do do your house is on our agenda!!!
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You and other TCS members will always be welcome!
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Congratulations!! Now it's time to sit back and relax!
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Awesome, Jenny! Having less-structured time awaiting you must feel VERY good!
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Congratulations Jenny! France, here you come!!!
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