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Help with ticks

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Wekllington has got wo ticks on him, one on his chin and one on the back of his neck. He is up to date on Frontline. I am not sure what to do - Should I wait and see if the Frontline kills them ( it has been 24 hours now since I noticed them) or try and get them off with tick tweezers - I do have some. I am not confident of being successful - the last time I tried to use them on a cat I left some of the tick behind and hurt the cat in the process.
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I had to deal with ticks on baby racoons once and they aren't something you want to mess around with. Would you be able to take him to the vet to have him remove them? That would be my suggestion.
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Living out in the country, I guess I don't see ticks as being all that big of a deal! (Besides the fact that they carry lyme disease) They're really all over the place in the summer. I'd recomend going ahead and removing them. This is what I'd do. Take rubbing alcohol on a cotten ball and hold it over the tick. This will 'suffocate' it and make it want to come up for air. You can do that for however long it takes, maybe 30 sec? Take your tweezers, if you want to use them, and pull the tick off. I would probrobly just use a tissue and pinch it between my fingers. Personally? I think taking a cat to the vet to remove a couple of ticks is unessissary. They'll just do the exact same thing. Oh yeah, and if you've never delt with ticks before, I recomend either flushing them, or holding a flame over them for a sec. to kill them. You can really try to smash ticks all you want, but it doesn't really effect them.
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I'd just pull them off. I've done it a thousand times. My vet saw me do it once and said I should have used hemostats, but I'm old school
I kill them before I flush them- when I'm "picking ticks" I keep a teeny container of rubbing alcohol right next to me and drop them in. If I run into one while grooming I cut 'em in two with scissors
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I realize this may be a stupid question, but shouldn't you light a match, blow it out, touch it to the tick, then pluck it? I swear to God I saw my grandmother do that to her cat, and I've always done the same thing.

I'm starting to think that my grandmother was an odd woman.
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I once let a friend try the match on a tick and he burnt the cat's fur and failed to get the tick, so I have never done it since. In fact, I managed to get them both off yesterday by twisting, then I applied disinfectant. This morning there is only a faint red mark to show where they were so I guess I did it OK. I am surprised though that the Frontline didn't kill them in the specified 24 hours.
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