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Plastic Bottle Cap as Toy?

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I remember several people have said that their cats like to play with the plastic cap of milk bottles. Recently, Ivo has been chewing on the top of my water bottle as if it's the best thing in the world (I keep a bottle of water next to my bed at night in case I get thirsty). I was thinking I'd give it to her when I buy a new bottle, but I'm concerned she'll choke or break her teeth or something (she's already missing one tooth). What experience do people have in this matter?
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My Loki loves the caps and never has a problem with them. When starts to rip them up I take them away for safety sake and replace with a new one.
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My babies aren't so enthralled with the actual caps - more the ring that holds them to the bottle when you first open it, I let them play with it, but only when I can keep an eye on them as the ring thingys are easier to swallow than the actual lids.... but as Helen said, as long as you take them away before they get too shredded, they should be alright
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I've, always had cats that play with the milk bottle ring. Its been the most popular toy, at my house. Actually, Ike is the most popular toy, right now.
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My cat also loves to play with the ring from the milk. She alos like paper towel rolls. She like them better than toys I buy.
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My cats love plastic bottle caps from water and pop bottles. When I'm done with the drink, I just throw the cap on the floor and they go after it. They love it! I don't think you have to worry about them chocking on it, unless you give them the rings. They are too big to fit all the way in their mouths.
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My friend lets her kitty play with the milk rings all the time and never has a problem, he absolutely loves them. When I saw the pure joy on his face I thought my cats would love them too.

Well, they loved them all right, Marbles took it, batted it around for a second then started chewing on it quite actively and ran off with it as if she had the Queen's jewels in her mouth. And of course kitty see kitty do...Trouble decided to get in on the action and chew at hers too. So, sadly, I have to throw our milk rings away for fear of my cats eating them. I am hoping when they are completely out of the kitten stage they might be a possibility.

So, I guess you should certainly monitor the kitty with the milk ring and if they seem to be getting on well , and not digesting them, then it should be ok.

Also, there are milk ring like toys out there. Plastic circles with bends in them that my cats love batting around the kitchen floor, they are a thicker plastic and not easily eaten . They are a good safe choice as well .
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Rascal loves playing with the ring. I have to keep an eye on him before he eats it.
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My cats absolutely love those and the rings! As well as bottle caps from water bottles and pop bottles. The worst trouble I have with them is with straws. They always seem to start chewing on my straw when I look away.
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I have to say, I have very well mannered kitties! Trent will wait until you finish your drink with the straw in. But as soon as he hears that sucking at the bottom of the glass, it is officially his property!
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Merlin is our straw fiend and Peepers is our bottle ring/top lover. She will swat them around for hours. The others could care less.
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Snowball loves playing with plastic caps, plastic rings and straws. He takes them into the hall where we have a hardwood floor and bats them around there.
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Spike absolutely *loves* milk rings. Everytime we open a new gallon of milk, he gets this great, free cattoy, and luckily for me, he doesn't try to actually ingest them. He merely carries one of them around in his mouth until he finds the perfect spot to bat it around... or he'll play catch with me if I toss one up into the air. The only problem is that they're so darn small, and they fit underneath every piece of furniture... which means every few weeks, I'm lying on my tummy with a coat hanger underneath said furniture, trying to get them out.
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