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any ideas on why they do this?

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Gizmo and Scooter (both neutured) like to bite Tigger (spayed when she was 8 months) on the back of her neck. The boys are 1 and Tigger is 2. Is this just them showing their dominance or what? I worry, because she is smaller than them, and we have to break it up when she cries. I just don't want them to hurt her..... She doesn't fight back. Any ideas?
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Cats establish a pecking order when there are more than one, and usually the strongest one will assume the role of alpha cat by beating up on the others until another cat comes along and whips his hiney to take it from him. It sounds like your crew is doing what comes naturally, and the boys are letting your little girl know who's boss. Unless they are really hurting her, I think this sounds like normal behavior in a multi-cat household.

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If it's any consolation, Twig and Rocket(mostly Rocket) do it too.
Rocket usually goes after Isis and Luna and pins them down and bites the back of their necks and stands over them. Isis usually screams, but then when we come and break it up, she is fine and there are no marks. I think since she is skittish, it scares her to have this happen to her. Luna just sits there and waits until rocket is good and satisfied then he lets her go and everyone is happy. Rocket is competing for the alpha cat spot with Twig,but since twig is 15 pounds, Rocket can't quite make it into the alpha role cause he can't fight off Twig when Twig decides he needs to be put in his place. Fortunately Twig never hurts any of the cats so I think Rocket is more humilated then anything so he will take out his dominance over the girls. Long story longer, Don't worry, as long as no blood is being drawn and noone is being hurt, then just break it up like I do.
It'll sort itself out sooner or later...
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It sounds like basic dominance issues, but I'm certainly no expert on that. Trent and Ophelia don't really behave like that, Trent just likes to play a bit longer, harder and rougher than Ophelia. What we have figured out, though, is that Ophelia knows that Daddy will come to her rescue whenever she squeals and Trent will get yelled at. I've seen her cry when Trent barely touched her and then look over at Daddy like "Did you see what he did?? Get him, Daddy!"
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we have 2 boys and a girl too, and they also do this. my boy cat beats up on both of the others, and hubbys' male cat who is older and more mellow, will chase and beat up on the girl only when he thinks we are not looking. i think it is normal, but i usually chase after them and tell them no really loudly b/c the girl will not (cant'?) fight back either.
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