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Stinky Kitty!

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We recently adopted two male kittens (siblings) and they're about 10 weeks old now. We're having a problem with one of them smelling pretty bad. I can't figure out what it is exactly....it's not a poopey or fart smell. It's just this weird funky smell that's really grossing me out. I'm not sure where it's coming from exactly, maybe his bottom, but I don't really know. It's not his breath. I see him cleaning himself like any normal cat. His brother smells perfecty fine. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Have the kitties been wormed??? what are they eating>?? is it different than what they were on when they came to you>>??
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Thanks for your reply! They're both eating Eukanuba kitten food, which is the same thing they were eating at the animal adoption place. I'm not sure if they've been wormed, I guess I need to check their records.
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check there record s and talk to the vet next vacc time.... Eucanuba is not IMHO a very good food ... if they have been wormed twice i think ... then try a food with out by products and grd corn...
Your welcome and Welcome to TCS ...
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Okay, I checked their records and they have been wormed twice. Can you recommend a good kitten food that's not too expensive? The price I'm paying for Eukanuba (about $17.00 for a 6.5 lb. bag) is about my limit. Thanks!
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These are good and eady to get at a big retail store( pet that is )

Nutro Natural Choice
Natural Balence
Royal Canin
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Thanks Sharky! I'm going to switch over to Natural Choice (assuming they like it ) and also switch to WBCL instead of clay litter. I still can't figure out what that stink is, but I'm taking them to the vet in a couple of weeks so I'll just ask then.
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