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I too have been spying on the boards and finally feel comfortable enough to make this my new home. I found another site when I was having problems with my new kitty and my oldest adjusting to each other. As it turned out it wasn’t a very good site. Anyway, I now
know I will be happy here.

I am a 27 year old married mother of 2. My hubby and I own a drywall company. Actually, I own it. lol. He just does the leg work. My daughter, Alex, will be 7 next month, but suddenly she is acting 13. God help me. She is my athlete, you name it she does it and them some. She inherited the monkey gene from her dads side I think he
slightly resembles a monkey (or so I tell him). My Special Angel, Zack, is 4. He has been thru ALOT in his short life. 4 hours after his birth his quack of a dr. told me he was going to die and life-flighted him to a children’s hospital where I met him, without pain meds let me inform you (lol). They quickly informed me that his heart condition was not life threatening. Needless to say I got a new dr. for him that day. 3 weeks later his new Dr. told us he didn’t have soft spots, so at 14 months he had reconstructive surgery on his
head to correct that. Then again at 3 1/2 years to remove hardware and fill in some holes. His heart condition (Aortic Stenosis) needed to be corrected at (barely) age 3. Now he is doing great. He is so intelligent, he was speaking complete sentences at 9 months. I know
unbelievable, but true. However, the boy can't find his shoes if he is standing on them. Why is that? Male gene???

Dutchess is almost a year old and she is expecting her first babies in July. Around the 14th I am thinking. She is a beautiful calico. My scanner isn’t working or I’d post pics. She was given to Alex by my mother in law. It’s funny I was the one that said N.O. to getting her and she chose me as "her pet". She used to sleep with me til we got the kitten now she sleeps with Alex. I didn’t know how much I loved her until she got out about 5 weeks ago and disappeared for 3 days. Now I am expecting my first grand kitties. Hey-Leigh, I had originally named Lee Lee, became Hey-Leigh when Alex yelled HEY, Lee come here and it stuck. She found her way into our yard and our hearts at 3 weeks old. I have no idea where mommy was or if there were more babies. I searched for hours and never found them. I was worried at first that my 2 kitties would never get along, then one day they started playing now they are best buds. You never see one without the other. They crack me up, I will post their hilarious antics on a board. Lol, as I type Hey-Leigh stole my mouse by the cord and tried to run away with it.

I truly hope to make lifelong friends here. I have started trying to memorize everybody’s cats. No easy feat I can tell you that. I really look forward to meeting everyone. Goodbye for now.
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Hi, and welcome to the site. You sure have a busy household! I hope you will enjoy it here as much as I do! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgable! And its nice to brag about our cats without having someone roll their eyes at us!
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Welcome to the site! It is very addicting here. Too many nice and helpful people. LOL

I look forward to hearing about your whole family. Hope to see you posting often!!
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Hiya!! Welcome!
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