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Ok now Angel is acting strange!

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Ever since we got home from the vets she is running around crynig at me (no not a heat meow) for loves and attention. I was at the computer posting about her appt and she kept jumping up in my lap and on the desk in front of me and she NEVER does that, figured it was because she was in the crate that whole 10 min there, 20 min waiting and 10 min home. LOL But she is STILL doing it tonight. LOL She keeps running to my door anytime I am near it so I let her in then open it a bit later to see if she wants to come out (not even an hour later) and she is ALL over me like she has been in there for days!!!!!!! not sure why she is so attached and loving after her appt today. LOL

And no not in labor (or shouldn't be) since she is only 46 days along if she even is really preg and not a false pregnancy.........

any ideas? LOL
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Maybe it is a false PG and she is in heat...
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no it isn't a heat HOWL. LOL it is just a meow.... and she shows MASSIVE signs with LOUD howling, butt in air, everything else stuck to the ground, and kicks her back legs. When she is in heat there is no doubt. and she loves everything BUT people when in heat. LOL the dog, the cat, sprays my walls UGH loves my walls. heheee.

Think that carrier ride made her lonely. hahaaaa!
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but should add will continue to watch and see if she does into heat......... or labor. LOL
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Nothing would surprise me now! I just thought I was right because I know my cat but obviously they can get PG when not in heat.
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Amy---- Nina may have had a silent heat......
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Well she must have silent heats. The fact that she has run away several times may be signs that she was in heat but silent vocally. I am just soooo happy that she only had one kitten. That is something I can handle
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Amy--- yes that is GREAT that she had ONE baby! I am still in shock there was only one in that big ole belly of hers! LOL
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Junior that should let ya know it is possable for Angel to have 1
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Heheeee yes is possible but Nina was HUGE for just one. LOL Guess I will find out if she goes into heat or into labor in the next 3- 3 1/2 weeks or so. LMAO!
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Should you worry if she doesnt go in to heat... I mean that will be 10 weeks no heat...I am not sure so am asking lol...
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Funny thing is Nina was huge from underneath but her belly hung and didn't stick out to the side like Adina's did. I am going to take her to the vets in the morning just to make sure there isn't another one dead in there. Angel could have only one, I didn't every feel or see movement until two nights ago.
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Jenny---- I have NO clue! I mentioned the no heat to the vet and like I said she just made a comment that at this time of year females don't go into heat often................. HUH??????????? that threw me for a loop since this is the time of year Angel is in heat every 2-3 weeks! And said she could have basically had a miscarrage and is absorbing them which would throw her system off and delay heat cycles, or a false preg. which would delay it (but she keeps saying how it si very very rare in cats........ ) but I am really not sure how "up" she is on cats (expecially after the heat comment).......

Other than that she hasn't said anything.......... hoping they will call and the other vet will see her free of charge sometime next week and hopefully maybe they are more knowledgable about cats and can give me more answers......

Thinking I won't stick with this vet. My current "normal" vets office is great but soooooo expensive. My old office the vets were wonderful but to call for an appt too weeks and weeks to get in and one time my dogs were sick (ear infection) and one had a sore paw and they couldn't see them for a week....... so while they were reasonably price and great vets that turned me off....... But might go back to them as a "regular" vet and keep my "new/ current" one as a back up and drop this new new one. LOL

did you follow that???????? hahaaaa!
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