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Omg! Omg! Omg!

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I just walked into my room to get some clothes out of the hamper to wash and there is Nina with a baby kitten...yes...one snow white kitten!
I am freaking out! I expected her to give birth next week. The vet said she was further along but I thought I knew when she got out. The only option is that Cassidy is the father. OMG!
She is very proud and doesn't even look like she had to work for it. I don't see any blood. I don't see any sign of another kitten either. She had her baby in the closet, where Adina had her litter. OMG! OMG! I am freaking out.
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Oh wow! I hope she does okay. Keep us posted.
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How many did the Vet say she might have??

No blood in the hamper ??? Could she have moved it??? Just in case I would check around your house to see if you find signs of birth and maybe other kittens.

Hope Cassidy is fixed by now otherwise please keep them apart till she is finished weening the kitten and is spayed otherwise you WILL have another litter
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Yikes, there is a wet spot in the closet where she had this baby, but very little mess. I am so taken by suprise I am weak at the knees.
Cassidy was neutered 3 months ago. I adopted Nina from a Siamese rescue in the Santa Barbara area and I was told she was spayed. I didn't worry and I waited until Cassidy was 5 months old and then had him neutered. Nina has never showed signs of being in heat. The only thing is she escaped about 5 wks ago and I thought that she may have been in heat then... but I thought that only after I saw her belly had begun to grow. I made an appointment for her to be spayed and she escaped again. When she returned, about 6 days later, her belly was large and she had an upper resp. infection. They wouldn't spay her. The vet said she was further along and that she was having a small litter, she never got huge. I am currently fostering a momma who had 5 kittens in the same closet and she was HUGE.
Oh, dear, this is the mess I had hoped it wouldn't be. I hoped she had gotten pregnant when she escaped because then I wouldn't feel like I had done something so wrong.
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AWW Amy just look at the new baby and see that Nina has a great home with you and now the kitten too..
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How can you beat yourself up when you were lied to.

What matters is that your are such a good mom to all the wee ones that wind up at your door step.

I know sometimes it gets a little overwhelming - but heads up and look into their little faces - dosen't that make it all worth it!!!
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Aw, welcome to the world sweet kitty
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I just checked the receipt from the vet. Our last checkup was last Saturday and he said he bet she had delivered before next Saturday. I said "no way" and we laughed. She had them almost exactly when he said she would. According to my calendar she should deliver the 21-23 of June. Her baby is beautiful and big and no wonder I didn't feel any movement...it had a room to itself. I am overjoyed that there is only ONE kitten. I still have seven foster kittens and two mommas, one who is in heat
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Amy------ You did NOTHING wrong!!!!!!!!! if you were lied to and she had silent heats there is nothing that you could have done about it! wow so still only one kitten????????? She sure looked MUCH bigger than carrying one kitten to me! LOL CONGRATS. how has she done so far with being a mom? I know you were worried.
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Junior, she still has only one kitten and no signs there is more to come. Her belly still feels a little full but I have been feeding her a lot . She was just in the living room an hour ago, hissing at the kittens, I am completely shocked She is being an excellent mother and doesn't mind if I inspect her bottom and touch her baby. She had not left the closet and the baby is nursing fine Isn't nature amazing? She doesn't get along really good in the animal world and is odd in the human world too, but she seems to be doing well as a momma so far. I will watch her very carefully though. Geez, I am soooo shocked.
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wow that is GREAT. maybe she only has the 1 or she is resting with more to come. GL and nature is wonderful on how they know to be a mom.
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wow. I was looking at her photo earlier and thinking that she looked really far along.
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This is our new Surprise. She/he has pink ears, nose and the pads of its feet are pink. I can see some light grey tips on its back. I am thrilled that there is only ONE!
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Congrats Amy and Nina! I knew (hoped) she'd be a great momma. What a cute little one!
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Nature is wonderful! The kitten is beautiful. I cant help but think how pretty I thought Maisy (bottle baby) would be and she is so funny, but adorable. Thrilled beyond belief, and relieved that there is ONE
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she i a nice color Cutie...
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Awww....white kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wait until that coat starts coming in more...she will be a beautiful cat!

Congrats on the new little one. Now Nina can be spayed!
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I woke up this morning to another kitten. I went to bed at midnight and there was no kitten, isn't that a long time between kittens? Here is the picture of the siblings.

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Amy---- it is a long time but I have heard as long as they aren't contracting or pushing for that whole time it is ok. sometimes they will take breaks between kittens. expecially if one was in each horn they can take a break between each group. awwwwwwwwwwww too cute! I bet they will end up with markings as they get older.
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Awww bless they are Sooooo Cute seems like a long time yes, when my peachy had her 2 kittens she was all done within 15 mins.
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Two little whites!!!! What a neat surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations on your babies! That was a long time between babies, but from what you're saying everything seems fine. Yay!!!
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Amy Amy Amy dont be suprised if August 8th - 14th I come and take one of those white babies while on vacation out there
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Oh they are both so adorable! I could steal one too!
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It was a pleasant surprise and now they have someone to cuddle with . Nina is being a good mom so far and that was my main concern. They are beautiful and I can see a hint of color in the face of the first one born, or is it the second one born?
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They are beautiful! I love white cats.
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Me too, I love white cats but I have a huge soft spot for blue eyed cats. As a young girl my father brought home a beautiful white kitten with one blue eye and one yellow eye. Her kittens were blue eyed (we lived in rural Washington and spaying never crossed our minds ) and I have loved that combo ever since.
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I contacted the rescue where I adopted Nina and told them she has given birth. The tried blaming the mistake on my friend who helped in the adoption. It was such a quick thing, she was surrendered and then adopted within 48hrs and they didn't have time to have her vet checked They went strictly on the owner who surrendered her. They have offered to spay her and both kittens for me and will provide vaccinations for the kittens. That is actually more than I expected, I was just hoping to have Nina spayed.
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that is nice of the resuce centre and then you know thtem your gourgous nina is done and please keep us informed of any more little kitties
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Amy Amy Amy dont be suprised if August 8th - 14th I come and take one of those white babies while on vacation out there

Well well if Cassidy is the dad chances are that they won't be white when you come to visit Ragdolls are born all white and there colors come in later same thing with siamese (I believe) also cross you fingers that there eyes will stay blue.

Amy do you know the sexes yet.

Oh and btw love the name Cassidy that's my name but I am a girl
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