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What's in a Name?

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How did your kitties get their names? When 8-Bit came home he ran around the apartment sniffing everything. He curled up right next to all of our classic video game systems, so we dubbed him 8-Bit. Scratch Fury Destroyer of Words was named after the cat in a web comic. The cat in the comic keeps trying to take over the world but is foiled by his own cat instincts.

Anyone else have cute naming stories?
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Smudge was a toss up between Smudge and Smock, because she's a calico and she has a smudge on her face, and she's very splotchy. So we named her Smudgie Smock, aka, Smudge.
Timmy got his name because when we trapped him as a feral, he got loose in the basement twice, before I decided to adopt him. He was found, both times, in our sump pump (no water in there at the time, it was winter) ....or well....you know, Timmy's in the well???
Cubby was named because she looks like a little bear cub, and she's got a crooked tail that stays by her body so she looks even more like one.
Emily didn't have a name for 2 months after I got her....I couldn't think of a name. I was looking in her eyes one night, and "Emerald" came to mind because she has green eyes and it's also my favorite stone, but it didn't seem to fit, and a minute later "Emily" came into my head and stuck.
My neighbor used to name everything Bob, from squirrels in the yard to flies in the window, so one night we trapped this really big friendly cat and she begged me to name him Bob....well, at the time I didn't know it, but after 2 weeks or so of having him, I ended up adopting him too!
Cajun just popped into my head one night after we got him. We were saying a bunch of words, just saying any words out loud that came to mind, and I said Cajun and my husband at the time and I said "That's it!" He has been Cajun ever since. When I sing to him, it's always "Secret Cajun Man."
Elessar, I was going to name Legolas, after that hot elf (mmmm, Orlando Bloom....) in Lord of the Rings, but it didn't flow off the tongue just right, so I looked through the books and came up with Elessar...my neighbor has sort of a speech impediment and can't say Elessar, so she named him her own name of "Willie".....so his actual name is Elessar Willie.
She's not a cat but my dog Rain got her name from Animal Planet. they had a special about war dogs and there was one named Rain that actually protected her soldier with her body and took a bullet for him and died. I thought this would be a nice tribute to her so that's where she got her name. But her full name is Rainy Day...
Pedro's name used to be "Puppers" before I got him, but it didn't fot for me so of course that was around the time Napolean Dynamite came out and so my neighbor said I should name him Pedro, and it sort of stuck, and he seemed to adjust to it very fast so now he is Pedro. I vote for him all the time.
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My husband and I love to name cats things that they aren't. Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds is slightly timid.
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