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Treatment for urinary tract infection

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For those who have had a cat with this problem, urinary tract infection, for how long (days) was the medication prescribed?
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1 week, but I am nervous because my cat was blocked so I may call the vet and see if I should get more meds for him or just watch him closely after he is done with it. I almost lost him it was that bad, but he is home now and on special food and so far so good. good luck with your kitty.
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what do you mean when you say your cat was blocked?
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My cats were always put on clavamox 62.5 mg pills for 10 days...Now the current cat I have seemed to have a reaction to the clavamox at 6 days in(he was given 12 pills) and I called vet and asked will that do it-they said leave him off if symptoms return come back for another round of an alternative antibiotic...he has been ok since christmas time...He just went to the vet today and was given antibiotics for 7 days due to a abcess that might be forming on gums..getting a dental and then will get another 10 days on it(17 days total...ya hes liking this rolls eyes RJ
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by blocked she means that it was so bad that the cat could not pee at all
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thank you so much. I wanted to know because my cat has bee on the floor, I took him to the vet (for another problem), they have him clavamox for 7 days, today is the 7 day on the medication. But he still bees on the floor (not all the time) so I was wondering if it was a good idea to get more medication.
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Did they take a urine sample to see if an infection was the cause of the peeing? My Rambo was just diagnosed with a bladder infection and is on 2 weeks of clavamox for it. The vet took a urine sample and analyzed it before she could be sure that was what he had.
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When my kitty had a UTI they prescribed him Amoxi-Drops for 14 days and gave him a sub-q fluids. Right before he was supposed to be done his meds, he started peeing blood again and I had to take him back and they gave him two one week course of Cefa-Drops and it cleared it right up.

Both times they did UA's and he had blood and protein in his urine, but no bacteria. It's not say there was none, it just might have been diluted. He is now on Purina UR canned only and cannot eat dry food again.
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When I took him to the vet I left him there all day long so I don’t know if they took a urine sample. I when and ask for another 7 day medication.

Thank you everyone for the comments.
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Callie was on meds for 10 days, twice a day. They took a urine specimen before and then after. I tried to collect the sample at home, but she held it, so I had to take her in for kitty daycare and they collected it some way while there.

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Max had 10 days @ 2 times per day, with urinanalysis' before & after as well.

We did the Rx food for about a month, and have now transitioned to mixing in Solid Gold Berry Blend (cranberry & blueberry based vitamin C supplement) and Cosequin (glucosamine) with his canned food (non-rx) and also extra water.

I need to get him in for a re-test to make sure that the supplement regimine is leaving his urine PH where it needs to be, but so far we have not had any re-occurrances.
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I’ll give him the clavamox for 14 days and I hope he gets better. Thank you everyone.
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Mine is on antibiotics for 21 days of sheer heck because the bacteria in his urine turned out to be ecoli and the vet said it's difficult to kill it. The impression I got from my vet is that the type of antibiotic and the number of days on it depends on the kind of bacteria identified. He was on a different antibiotic until they got the culture results back and found out it was ecoli. Sorry, I don't remember the name of either antibiotic.
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My 15 year old has a UTI right now and the only thing tht would kill it was Baytril. He is on it for 14 days. You should find out if they did a culture or they are just guessing what will work.
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I was just speaking to my rescue director about my Rambo's UTI/bladder infection and she recommended cranberry to help out with the infection. I found a cranberry supplement at my local pet store. I can give him a 1/2 tsp dose per day while he has the infection and a few drops everyday to prevent future infections. It's been proven on people and animals. I would love to be able to prevent this in the future....i never want to see my animal in that much pain again. The rescue director also suggested (and has used) apple cider vinegar, a few drops in the water to prevent future infections. I guess with the rescue having a combined 100+ years of experience amongst the founders, they must know something! Good luck with your babies...hope they all feel better!
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