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what would cause "rapid" weight gain?

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debated on putting this here or in the kitten thread but figured here. My cat got out 46 days ago when she was in heat. came home 40 days ago. She has put on some weight but isnt' HUGE like she should be if she was preg. brought her to the vets 2 weeks ago and vet couldn't really feel anything but said she felt fecal matter or she thought it was..... the cat still hasn't gone back into heat (started heat about 7 weeks ago and nothing since) and got a bit bigger but not what she should be for a preg. so took her in again today.

Well she gained a FULL pound in 2 weeks. She is eating but NOT that much to gain that fast. Anyone have any ideas on what would cause them to gain that much so fast or ideas??????? Vet didn't say anything about the weight gain.........
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Still could be pregnant. If there are only a couple of babies then she would not get big. I knew a cat that had a big solitaire kitten and never really gained weight. (Kittens only weigh about 4oz at birth.)The other things that cause weight gain need to be checked by a vet. However, I would x-ray her to find out if she is pregnant before I did anything. -kd
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Originally Posted by Liberty's Buddy
Still could be pregnant. If there are only a couple of babies then she would not get big. I knew a cat that had a big solitaire kitten and never really gained weight. (Kittens only weigh about 4oz at birth.)The other things that cause weight gain need to be checked by a vet. However, I would x-ray her to find out if she is pregnant before I did anything. -kd
I have to agree with the above. If it is 1 or even 2 kittens there isnt going to be big weight gain.... Skittles had 13 she packed it on in 3 to 4 weeks tops...
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KD---- she has been to the vet twice. The first time was 2 weeks ago and they checked her over and said she looked healthy and checked fecal matter all was fine. but she didn't feel any kittens palpating her abdomen...... (but maybe fecal matter or a kitten wasn't sure) then she went today and same thing.......... it is on the vets scale that she weighed those amts.......

Jenny---- IK she wouldn't really bulk up like skittles if only 1 or 2 but would think vet would feel the kitten by now even she thought she would be able to...........
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I agree with the above that you should get an x-ray done, or maybe get a second opinion at a different vet. Well good luck!
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thanks. an x-ray at my vets is $110! would rather save that to spay her after she has kittens or if she is not preg. than on an x-ray to see if she has kittens.......... if it was cheaper or if it needed to be done then I would, but just to know if she is preg. or not........ does that make sense?

the vet did tell me she would talk to the other vet that they have when she got back from vaca, she comes back on mon, and see if they would check the cat out and see if they felt kittens for free since I have already been in twice......... so they will call next week if that vet will.......
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You really should try and find out for sure if she's prego..chances are if she got out when she hadn't been spayed yet, she is probably pregnant.
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trouts mom---- my 3 yr old let her out (the cat) and she is an indoor kitty only so no hadn't been spayed yet and was in heat. The only way I can find out "for sure" is with an x-ray and the $110 is just a little to steap for me if there are kittens on the way and I have to get her spayed etc. Like I said I do have it IF it is NEEDED but don't feel an x-ray is needed at this point and that money could go to much more needed things for my kids and pets........ I figured getting out in heat, being gone for 6 days she had to be but so far the vet hasn't been able to feel anything when she palpates her abdomen..........

But vet didn't seem "concerned" that she gained weight, bulked up and her nipples are showing and she hasn't had a heat in 7 weeks (well this weekend will be 7 weeks since the begining of her last heat and she was let out on that tue so tue is 7 weeks that she was let out). So she would be due in about 3 weeks if she is........
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I can probably guess she is preg if it has been that long since her last heat considering most cats go into heat every two weeks like clock work.I would just keep feeling her belly and rubing it if she lets you or if she is laying down watch her sometimes you can see kittens move if she is laying right. Cats can also gain weight if they are being lazy but the whole heat thing kinda makes me think its kittens
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NJ---- thanks. she is sleeping more but not really lazy. Thanks. I just don't see why at 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 weeks (depending on when she mated when out but if she is I bet 6-6 1/2 weeks) a vet wouldn't be able to feel them and she wouldn't be bigger......... ah well guess I will find out in a few more weeks if kittens arrive. LOL

was just wondering if anything else would cause a weight gain that fast. Even though the vet didn't mention anything.
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Your welcome and yeah not much that would make her gain weight that fast so lets all pray for babies
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Honestly, pregnancy is the only thing I can think of that would cause rapid weight gain other than a potentially serious medical problem. I would strongly recommend the x-rays. If she is pregnant, then you know she's okay. If she's not pregnant, then you and your vet need to explore other possibilities. Most conditions are treatable but you have to know what is going on before the vet can prescribe treatment.
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It sounds like you might want to start picking out baby names! I am curious as to why the vet cannot feel kittens since if the timing is correct even with one she should still be able to feel them! I am not sure how old this kitty is, but if she is older-I mean more than a few years old than it could be a thyroid condition, but it sounds like she is young so that wouldn't make any sense. I know x-rays are expensive, I am a vet tech and we get the same thing every time we want to take an x-ray so I totally understand the dilema. I would maybe think about getting a 2nd opinion. In early pregnancy kittens tend to feel like turds, and then when they grow up they sometimes act like turds! Just kidding anyway, if she is earlier in pregnancy than you thought, that could be why she is gaining but not palpable. Are her nipples getting any bigger? I wish you the best of luck and an answer for you soon! Take care
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she is 2 yrs old and she was only out 40-46 days ago (well yesterday at her vet appt) other than that she is an indoor kitty but was let out by my 3 yr old then and was missing for 6 days. Her nipples did pinken up and she showed all the signs of preg. besides getting bigger, but the vet not feeling anything threw me off. This vet was seeing if the other vet there would see her for a 2nd opinion for free. Or I may call the other vet that we used to go to and see how much x-rays were there since they have great prices......... or see if she gets bigger, smaller or goes back into heat and maybe it was a false preg. or a miscarriage????????

Thanks for the answers though.
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Hmm I don't know, I was going to suggest a false pregnancy but I don't think she would gain a lot of weight too? Well if it turns out to be a false pregnancy then you should get her in to be spayed quick just in case she accidently gets let outside again. Then you won't have to worry and she will lives a happy, healthier, longer life.
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Jen---- she will be spayed as soon as she goes into heat again (well once she is out of it but the appt will be set once she goes in) or once she has kittens and they are weaned whichever one happens. Money was tight and with her being indoor only I didn't see a huge rush (yes I know it is healthier but family had to come first) but have the money now just hadn't gotten the appt yet then she got out....... so now waiting for a heat cycle or kittens to get her fixed.
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Ok still no heat, and still not really looking preg (which she should be unless mabye it is just 1 so she "hides" it well> LOL) but I weighed her on my scale tonight (did the same after her appt on Fri to see what my scale said for her since I weigh myself then hold her and weigh us to figure her weight out and mine said 9lbs for her on Fri just like the vets) well today mine said 9.5lbs so she has gained another 1/2lb or close to it in 4 days!!!!!!!!
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