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Now this was a wierd movie

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But I was riveted to my seat the entire time. It is on video and called Donnie Darko. Stellar cast, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze to name a few. It was dark, disturbing, compelling and the ending blew me away. I recommend it highly.
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From the info on Yahoo, it sounds interesting but scarey... Perhaps I'll check it out - in the daylight!
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Is it scary Hissy??? I love creepy stuff.... I'll have to keep an eye out for it!! (is it new or old btw??) and whats the story line???
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Lets see...dark, disturbing, compelling with a twist ending- sounds like my kind of movie!! :laughing2 I'm going to put this one on my list of movies to see

Speaking of weird movies- I thought Vanilla Sky was a very odd movie. I had heard rave reviews but came away totally unimpressed. Anyone else disappointed by that one like I was?
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Mel..... yep it sure was weird... I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but I DID come out feeling kinda you know?? I mean, I understood the film, but it didn't really leave me feeling anything much except weird!! I didn't know what to make of it!! and for once, this was a film which actually had an effect on Hubby - he found it really upsetting?!?!?!?!? Another weird but good film was A beautiful Mind.... nobody I went with liked that at all... but I loved it, very different and refreshing imo

BTW, rented out a cheesy "horror" called "Gingersnaps" at the weekend, it WAS cheesy, but it WAS good!!! I loved it!! The "monster" was a bit corny when you actually saw it... it would've been better not to see the whole thing - just get glimpses of it, wouldv'e kept it scary.... but it was a good fun easy to watch film..:tounge2:
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I saw Gingersnaps a while ago and I totally agree- they should've spent a little more of the budget on making the monster look a little more realistic and scary. Cool concept but the ending kinda made it a flop, IMO.

Ok, so what about Ocean's Eleven? I absolutely LOVED that movie and everyone else I've talked to didn't like it. They all said there should've been more action I thought it was pretty intense and the details worked out in the heist were amazingly intricate. Any thoughts on that one?
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I liked Oceans Eleven, but there was sooo much hype about it over here we were all expectin it to be something amazing... it was good and I enjoyed it, but I never quite understood why the hec Julia Roberts was in it?!??!? She was seen for all of about 20 seconds and wasn't really needed!??! :LOL:
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I saw Donnie Darko recently, and I have to admit, it did leave me It did make you think a lot, however. I had seen it compared to the Sixth Sense, but I think it was entirely different. I would recommend it, but don't get it as light entertainment.
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I really liked Ocean's 11. Although I do agree about removing Julia Roberts from the movie totally. I mean, what was the point of having her in there? I haven't seen Donny Darko, but my friend said that its a really good movie. I'll have to rent it sometime soon.
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Sorry put me on the list of one who HATED Ocean's 11. Of course I remember the original which totally rocked! I have to wonder why they can't come up with original storylines and just keep making bad remakes of old ones.

About the plot of donnie darko....hmmm hard to really say without giving a lot away. Has to do with a disturbed teenager, or you think he is disturbed, but in the end you wonder if he is a hero. Has to do with hallucinations and time travel and truth and trust. Ok if I say anything else I will give it away
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I didn't mind Ocean's 11, but Julia Roberts had about as much place being in it as Kelly McGillis had being in Top Gun. What's the point?

I saw Vanilla Sky. It was mostly confusing. Plus I ended up in about the 1st row of the theater, so it gave me a headache.Tom Cruise seems to want to pick projects that will make the audience "think" these days. That new one, Minority Report looks like it is supposed to be the same kind of thing. If he wants my advice, he ought to try wrestling scripts away from Tom Hanks if he wants to make some kind of contribution to the film industry.
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When I saw Oceans Eleven in the theater I was not that impressed. It was an OK movie, but I have to agree with Mary Anne on this one. Why can't they come up with new ideas? I'm sure there are hundreds of good writers out there trying desperately to sell their ideas and scripts.

Of course now, how many months later, hubby wants to buy Oceans Eleven even though he had the same reaction as I did at the time.
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I really liked Oceans 11. But I also really liked Vanilla Sky.

Hissy...I am going to look for Donnie Darko now...it sounds good!
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I really enjoyed Donny Darko. A most unpredictable film. hmm, maybe i'll see it again.
I also saw Ocean eleven. I enjoyed it though I didn't see the original. I think I would prefer it: that's usually the case.
I haven't seen Vanilla Sky but I suspect that the original Spanish version called "Open Your Eyes" is better. It also stars Penelope Cruz.

I'm planning on seeing Insomia. I really liked Memento so I figure I'll like Insomia.

For those out there who like dark disturbing films, I strongly reccomend Requiem for a Dream or , by the same filmmaker, Pi.
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I had to dig this thread out after my wife and I watched Donnie Darko twice in the past two days. Certainly not as frightening as I thought it might have been, but I really liked it. I can't say we understand it any better after two viewings, but we still like it.

Thanks, Hissy, for calling this to the attention.

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You've got a better memory than me, Bill. When I saw the thread, I thought it was a new one. Imagine my surprise when I saw a post by me!
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