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Weird kitten thing

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I'm not sure this goes here or in the kitten thread, but my 8 week old kittens have found a spot they really like to sleep in, which happens to be inside my fold out couch. Right now they are fine sleeping there because they fit and even if someone sits down they do not get squished. My question is, will they know when they get too big to go in there? I'm worried they will wiggle their way in and not be able to get themselves out. I don't have any way of blocking their entrance. And also is this normal kitten behavior? I've never had kittens that seem to hide when they want to sleep. They don't always do it, but the majority of the time they sleep inside the couch.

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They should learn when they are too big to go somewhere. In fact my cat Bit just realized that he could no longer fit under my dresser. He seemed a bit dejected about it.
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Cats are usually really smart but if they like a spot one way or another they will make themselves fit. My cats will actually flatten their body to get under things and if its blocked they will unblock it . I was amazed when i watched one of them do it after they scared the daylights out of me cause i thought she was a rat
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