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Scooting when excited?

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I did a search but it seems all the posts on scooting had more to do with bowel movements. My female cat Rogue who also likes to pretend spray will sometimes get excited/nervous when I am on the couch and talking to her. She will pace and rub on the couch as I pet her and talk. Occasionally she will plop down and start to scoot on the couch. Now she leaves no mess or no scent as far as I can tell and she definitely didn't come from the litter box. Is it possible she is scooting since she gets so excited or is it possible it is something else? She doesn't do it often but it really seems more to be when I am playing with her while talking and petting her.

I will probably try and take her in to the vet just for a checkup but didn't know if there might be any other reason to be concerned, assuming it isn't worms or glands that need expressing.
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Cats scoot when their anal sacs are full or impacted, when their butt itches (like from worms), or when they have poo stuck on their rear. If it's not one of those things it's always possible that she's noticed that she gets funny looks from you when she does it, so she does it for attention?

I've seen dogs scoot when they get excited, but never a cat. That's not to say it couldn't happen, though.
Mention it to your vet and if all checks out Ok then you just have a special cat
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We have the opposite situation. Our kitty Chloe scoots pretty regularly and doesn't seem to do it because of attention from us. We've taken her to 2 vets, had endless tests run, tried prescription food, and changed environmental elements. They've come to no specific conclusion after ruling out the usual suspects (worms, irriated anal sacs, etc). In fact, the last vet said it could just be a behavior pattern she's developed. I'll be curious to hear what your vet says about Rogue.
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The very first things that came to mind are the possibility of worms or the need for her to have her anal glands expressed. It's important to have Rogue examined by her Vet to rule these out before pursuing other avenues.
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