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Feeling SO broke......:(

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I am just feeling so broke right now.

I swear, if I ever have to hear another joke about me having to eat my cats, I would explode!!!

Anybody else here who feel broke also?
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Broke quite often is my middle name.......so I know how you feel.........don't we all wish there was just a big old money tree that whenever we needed extra $$ we could go visit it??
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I am lucky these days but when I was broke I used to dream of a pound coin magically reappearing everytime I took the last one out of my purse. i just wanted to buy food!
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I just fixed my car so I'm feeling strapped too. My cat eats more regularly and better than I do :/
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Always feel broke. But at least i have lots of furry love
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Yep, always broke here too...Someday...
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Ah the reason why I said buh bye to my leisurely summer and decided to take a full-time job at a day care (ack!)...
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I'm accustomed to being poor now... all the money I do have is loans for school, I have part-time jobs but it's hard to work very much when you have so much unpaid work to do, like homework, thesis, etc.

I kind of think it's fun. Maybe I'm weird but I always have fun when I'm poor. My best memory from last summer is when I spent my very last dime going camping with my friends and I only had enough money to buy one grilled cheese sandwich all weekend. Perhaps it's cause I grew up never worrying about money at all and now it feels kind of like a movie. .

I have a few safety nets though, and no kids, I'd probably not like it at all if either of those was true. And like everyone else, Zissou eats before I do!
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I wouldn't be in this position if fh's company had paid him.

I lived my whole childhood knowing that my parents were worried about money, and I tried not to do anything that would add extra stress... like inviting friends over that would eat more. *sigh* I swore I'd never end up in this position and now I am......
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Broke? Broke? What's that??? - I am wayyyyyyyy beyond that!! I have nightmares about my bills attacking me! Sucks! and I have a decent job, don't buy much for myself. I just don't know where it goes. I guess single mom (who PAYS her X child support) doesn't help either.

And heres the "preverbial" icing on the cake - we had a big weekend planned at Cape Cod for memorial weekend. Big soccer tournament and the team my daughter is on, most come from the more "well-offish" side of town if you catch my drift and they therefore booked a hotel that was $160 a night!! Hard to tell you child she can't go when the entire team is going! So we saved up for it but as luck would have it, the one week I could use a little extra spending money - my company forgot to pay me!! That's right! You heard me - they FORGOT to pay me and there was nothing they could do till the following week. I had to go to the cape without a paycheck. Talk about panic!
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I dig what your saying. It nevers ends because with more money you just incur more debt anyway as you want more stuff...I think everyone has times where they feel broke.
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I too feel broke alot ... though God aways provides enough... Enough = at the end of the month all essentials are paid and I can still pay the rent ...
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I lost my job back in March, and haven't yet been able to find another. Luckily I have friends and family who are always there to help me out. The babies definately get first in line for eating though.
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I think we all know what broke is.... I hope it gets better for everyone including myself... I know it all does work out somehow...
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I recently spent 6 months surviving on about $200/month. Fortunately, I have a decent job now. Unfortunately, I lost pretty much everything I had (not that it was much!). Right now I'm still reveling in little luxuries like being able to take the bus if I just don't feel like walking two miles.
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i am broke, i need to work
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I'm really tight up for money this two weeks, rent, car insurance, and billls took it all on the day I got paid, so we are really strapping down to make it until next payday!
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I'm living paycheck to paycheck. I have about $60 in my account and it don't get paid until Friday. So yes, I really know how you feel.
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Oh girl, let me lament as well...I had to pay my rent in parts this month because I didn't have enough to pay it all together. I am taking turns trying to figure out which utility bill gets paid (We've all been there). Being out of work for that darn poison ivy awhile back really hurt my finances. It's going to be this way until late august unfortunately. And I have to take off for 9 days in July when I already can not pay my bills. Ugh. A very serious situation has arisen with a friend in Florida, it is dire curcumstances and I have to be there. My plane ticket is paid for already, but other than that, I don't even have an extra 100 bucks to take with me to Florida, which royally sucks. First time going to Florida and it is for a very serious situation, and I have absolutely no money. Grr. Okay, I'm temporarily done whining.
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I just did my checkbook and I'm in worse shape than I thought....I have very little pet sitting jobs this month....I'm in bad shape....I have to swallow my pride now and call Mommy...sheesh, I'm 31 years old, it shouldn't be this hard to live on my own. It's getting very tiring....
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It is so scary being broke! When my girls were young, I had plenty of days when I had to wait till my night job (restaurant) to eat. I'd cook them dinner & try not to be envious watching them enjoy their meal. But the pets never went hungry, even though the utility companies had to wait, and back then, my vet would accept a series of post dated checks.
And I have to confess that when I first left my kids' dad, I had no car, no job & there were days when we ate oatmeal and the cats drank oatmeal water & whatever game they could catch (but they caught a lot of mice, lizards, moths, grasshoppers, etc. and were more than willing to share with the family)
I'll say prayers for you all! Susan
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I definitely know what it's like to feel broke! It is a humongous bummer. . .but the pets come first.
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My DH and I are lucky too be very financially sound. However my severance from my last job ends September 30th and my business well it won't be very busy that time of year until next spring so it will be an adjustment to have one paycheck coming in once/month for several months!! I have changed my spending habits pretty dramatically over the past couple of months which is good.
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omg tell me about it! I just spent all my money on toys and he's not even home yet!
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Well, mommy came through again.....I can get back on track now because of her....I don't know what I'd do without my mom!!!
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I don't like being broke, either. The romantic idea of blissfully living without money is only true if funds are slightly short. When you are flat broke, and can't make ends meet, it really stinks! I hope things look up for us all real soon!
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Yeah, I'm broke too, I think I'd be in great shape if I didn't have a zoo at my house but honestly I'd rather be broke and like Scamperfarms said, have furry love, than be rich and not have pets
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Dave Ramsey is my hero. I will highly recommend him to anyone that is having financial trouble. He gives great advice in a light-hearted humorous way. He does a podcast, classes, dvds, books...his plan is so sound and gives you a way out of the chaos of finance. Not to mention motivating!!!! He can make anyone love their finances. I listen to his podcast and will get the Financial Peace University system when we are back from the honeymoon. We are about to kick debt's butt! It is never easy but its taking things one step at a time so you are no longer overwhelmed.
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I am not broke.... yet. Lee loses his job next month and I don't know what we are going to do when his severance is gone. Hopfully he gets on with Gambro!!!
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We live comfortably - enough to pay the bills and end up with enough at the end of the month to get what we need (food, clothes, kitty stuff, ect.).

I usually end up working about 5 hours overtime on each paycheck so that helps out a lot on each check.... but someday I'd love to win the lottery....or something, and never have to worry about money, or live paycheck to paycheck!

I'm sorry your feeling broke, I hope things turn around for you very soon!
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