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I've always said that if I got a dog it would be an ALaskan Huskey. They're so sweet and have such beautiful eyes.

What is your favorite indulgent bath/cosmetic product? I love the smelly fizzy bath bombs from LUSH.
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Right now I'm into Freeman's Juicy Apple Hot Sugar body scrub. It's not too expensive, and it makes my skin feel like satin!

What do you do when you're home alone and nobody's around to see you do it?
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I exercise... I dont like people watching me exercise.....

What are you doing tonight??
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I am sitting here with my kids, refereeing an argument over the computer....... yay

What is the most embarassing thing you did to your parents as a kid?
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when i was five I was sitting in a walmart cart. and we getting cheese. were the meat is. well my sister she is a year older then me. Got a piece a cheese
from the walmart worker. I started to cry. because I wanted a piece of cheese to. I cried outloud.... And i kept on saying i want a piece of cheese like my sister has. so i finnaly got it.

when did you first learn how to walk?
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I guess when I was like 2 or something....

What is your dream car??
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The one I have now - its a 2005 Grand Prix - white I've always wanted one and now I do I worked long and hard for it!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
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If I grow up lol...........have my book published, have a contract, be the next great fiction writer.

What is your long term goals............ie career, love etc
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Like all good things this game has reached 500 posts and must end. Someone needs to think of another game
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