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What is your guilty pleasure?
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umm chocolate

if you like cake, what's your favorite kind?
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"Better than sex cake" lol- funny name i know, but it's AWESOME!!!!! I love German Chocolate Cake too

What's your favorite weird quirk about your significant other?
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He pops fabric. Without thinking he grabs the material on his pants, top, etc in between his fingers and makes it make a popping noise. He can do it with any fabric.

Cookie dough: eat it raw or bake it?
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I eat it raw occasionally especially chocolate chip cookie dough. I guess it takes better raw than cooked sometimes IMO but I do love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough blizzards..darnit now I want some cookie dough ice cream!

do you like veggies or fruit more?
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Oh I'm quite the fruit eater (esp Watermelon, cantelope *even if it does make my gums numb, and strawberries).

Do you watch the news on a regular basis. If so what channel do you prefer.
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Yes, I watch the new when I wake up on our local fox6 channel.....

What was the last movie that you saw?
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um, The Break-Up with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, not that good IMO

What was the last concert you went to?
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Rascal Flatts....the best concert in the world!!

What if your favorite clothing store?
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Lane Bryant, I love their jeans They make great clothes for the "thicker" girl

do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen?
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Yes, thankfully!!

What type of cleaning of your house do you dread most??
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Dishes!! I don't have a dishwasher

do you have a tivo/DVR device?
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No, I wish I did!!

What is your biggest pet peeve??
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Loud chewers - ICK!!

What are your weekend plans?
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working.... and that's about it

what is your favorite cartoon character?
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Hammy from over the hedge...."But I like the cookie"

What is your favorite disney movie?
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Sleeping Beauty- I love the part at the end where they're dancing and her dress changes colors "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream"

have you ever been snorkeling/scuba diving?
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I wish!

have you ever been to an amusement/theme park?
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Too many to count!! and I want to answer the other question too Yes I have been snorkeling and scuba diving..when I went on our honeymoon....which was a carnival cruise!!

What is the funniest thing your cat has done?
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When I was sitting on my lazyboy chair socks jumped on the back of the chair
hanging down. he was just looking at my hair then fell down

what was the cutest thing your cat has done?
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she gets on top of the railings and straddles it while she tries to get her tail up under her...I have a pic in the fur pics!!

Can you rollerblade?
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used to haven't done it in years.

do you die your hair ?????
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Sure do. I've been dying it for so long I almost can't remember what my natural color is.

What is the most exotic location you've ever been to?
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What would you do if you did not have to work??
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I would have children!

How many children do you have/want to have?
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I don't have any children right now..maybe someday but I am too young to decide right now.

what's your favorite thing about a birthday party for someone else?
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Watching them open their gifts!!!

Which forum did you first post in on TCS??
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the introduction forum.

what do you like most about TCS?
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The people!!

Would you ever own a dog?
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yeah... I have one already...MAX!!!!!!

what is your favorit(sp) dog breed?
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