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What is your favorite board game to play?
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What is your favorite website (other than TCS)?
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What internet service do you have?
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Prodigy infinitum in Mexico, and I use a wire..........

Wich one is you favourite colour to dress?
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I always wear pink!!!

What was your favorite moment in high school?
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When I won a Diploma for High Califications in Human Sciences!

How many Purses do you have?
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Only 5

How many times a day do you log onto TCS?
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Well I am logged in all day at work I just minimize the window and I check it every so often...same thing when I get home....

How did you find out about the catsite?
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I found it on a search engine when I was trying to find information on bottle feeding a kitten. I must say I have learned more from TCS than I have on the many many many websites when researching the best care for Jonah. .................

What is your favorite tv show? Mine if interested is House

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My favorite would be Prison break!!

What is your favorite type of dance?
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ballet or gymnastics but does gymnastics count?

emo or chav? =P
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would you rather be a stripper or a used car salseman?
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I think I'd rather be a stripper, more money

What CD is in your car right now?
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Rascal Flatts...Me and My Gang

What was the last concert you went to?
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What is the last thing you ate?
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homemade lasagna and garlic cheesy bread--Hehe, Colin's gonna love dinner tonight when he takes his break I have him spoiled rotten.

What is the most embaressing thing that's ever happened to you?
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One time I walking up the stairs in school during the class change and I fell up the stairs knocking all of my books and binders everywhere....it was embarrasing b/c there were a lot of people around

What do you cherish most?
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My family, Colin, and my animals.

What's your favorite body wash/soap? (i'm in love with the Caress Glowing Touch shower gel- it rocks!!!!) and it doesn't irritate my skin.
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I love the Cucumber Melon body wash from bath and body works!!

What is your favorite shampoo?
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Pantene Pro-V

What's the last thing you bought for yourself that was more than $100?
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I bought......clothes from lerner totally 100$

What is your favorite thing to do for fun?
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Play guitar and preform

What's your favorite thing about being a woman?/ man?
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I dont have to stand up to go to the bathroom!! (woman)

would you like a dog/cat
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well I can't choose between them because I have and love both.

what's something you like to do and would blush if caught doing it? (i.e. Dancing)
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My comedy act, espeacially the part about my animals......I just haven't gotten enough courage to go on stage. Maybe after enough alcohol.....................

If you drink alcohol what is your choice? If not what is your favorite way to relax?
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A good dark beer.

What's your favorite cartoon?
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I don't really like watch them anymore.. but when I was little I LOVED Talespin.

what's your favorite thing to snack on?
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Hot and spicey Trail Mix................

Do you prefer the indoors or out?
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Indoors!!!!! not in this heat I am not going outside!!!

A nice cold beer or A nice cold coke?
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When I can drink alcohol......A nice cold Corona mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. but untill October 12th, coke will have to do

Steak or seafood?
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