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Fatty Liver Syndrome (Hepatic Lipidosis)

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My very overweight kitty was put on a diet a few months ago by our vet, and we unfortunately didn't realize she hadn't been eating over the past few weeks (she'd start to eat, but then wander away, and we're guessing our other cat swiped her food). So we rushed her to the vet once we realized she was sick. Diagnosis: Fatty Liver Syndrome. The vet says she's severely jaundiced, and very sick. She stayed in the hospital for a few days while they pumped her full of food and fluids. They said we could bring her home yesterday.

We have to feed her through a tube in her neck (not as hard as I expected, thankfully), and we know that we'll be doing this for a while. For those of you have experienced this, when can we expect her to start to feel better? Right now, she just lies there, and will barely lift her head, and looks very sick and sad, occasionally making a very mournful meowing sound. We have another vet visit tomorrow so they can check up on her. I just want to get a sense of how long it will take for her to feel at least somewhat better, and so I don't have to worry constantly that she looks like she's at death's door...
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We had a cat diagnosed, initially, with Fatty Liver Disease (turned out to be a non-specific liver disease). Our vet told us it could take 6-8 weeks before our kitty might start eating on his own. Your kitty's care is something you have to be extremely dedicated to; she's counting on you for everything right now. Hang in there. Sending loads of (((((healing vibes))))) your way, and best of luck with your little lady.
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