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I don't know if this counts as food, but when we were in Hawaii, I ate this little mollusky thing that a drunk guy sitting next to us on the beach pried off a big rock in the water with a pocket knife. Wow. I gotta tell ya, when you say that out loud, it sounds really messed up.

DH took a trip to Hong Kong once (before he knew me) and inadvertently ate spleen candy. Eeeeewwww...
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Escargot, rattlesnake, chocolate-covered ants, caterpillar (during a sociology class). I've also had rabbit, wild boar, and ostrich.
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Turtle and elk - I was tricked into eating them both - icky!
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I guess I can add fresh caught conch, from one of my extremely few hitchhiking trips, while staying over at one of the small Florida keys.
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I have tried quite a few of exotic foods. I've had escargot, caviar, deer (my uncle is a hunter), frog legs, snake, bear, buffalo, shark, sushi, grasshoppers, and nightcrawlers. I would recomend escargot, bear, buffalo (tastes exactly like beef), sushi, and nightcrawlers.
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Well, besides the liver-and-onions Wednesday nights ...I've had tongue, heart (extremely tender), antelope sausage - yum, lotsa catfish and trout. Oh, and I ate the meat of a Dall Ram on the mountain I hunted him on!

Oh, and like everyone else - dog food kibble
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Pho Tai...Vietnamese food rocks!!!
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LOL...I just keep adding. I didn't consider venison caught on my grandfather's farm, or wild goose (I actually got a piece of the shot used to kill it in my portion), brook trout we caught on state land, frog legs.
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I forgot deep fried dill pickles *southern thing! They are good.
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I've eaten many of the things mentioned!

Ostrich, Kangaroo, Deer, Frogs Legs, Escargot, Sword Fish, Caterpillars, Caviar, Truffles....

I have enjoyed most of them but choose not to eat most on a regular basis! I do eat Wild Boar, Buffalo and sword fish quite regularly though!
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Originally Posted by sherral46
I forgot deep fried dill pickles *southern thing! They are good.

I ate deep fried pickles. Yuck!! I usually like ANYTHING deep fried!! Not those gross things!!
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My family is part inuit so I have eaten things like Caribou and Tarmican
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Chicken feet, ox tails, frog legs, alligator, iquana. The chicken feet grossed me out the most. Ox tails were a delicacy growing up (I am a butcher's daughter). Iquana tastes like chicken and had that in Panama (farm raised iquana).

Of course you all realize that anyone that has eaten a hot dog has probably eaten something exotic. My dad (the butcher) taught me: never, never, never eat anything that has been ground up in micro-sized pieces. You never know what is in it.
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I've never really considered venison, goose, calamari, sword fish, caviar, or buffalo "exotic". I eat most of those foods a few times a year (and calamari much more often).
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When it comes to food I don't do strange either! The most daring I have eaten is Rocky Road Ice Cream
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