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Zazou Update

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All, the kits have homes! The vet adopted
them out very quickly and they were sputer
before going. Yayy.

Now, for Za - she bit a vet tech so I
kept her 10 days in a double cage in
the basement.

Well, then she figured out how to get out of
the cage. I left the basement slider open, so
she could get outside (since we've decided to
keep her at my place as its safer than the old
colony and a barn h ome didn't materialize.)

So far, I saw her yesterday going into my yard.
I left food for her this am, and it was gone
when I checked, maybe she ate? I leave out
food for my other feral boy, Grey. He's been
round regular, and is friendly and will probably
tolerate Za well.

I was hoping they'd form a friend
ship and she'd learn from him. Wishful thinking?

I have a cat shelter in the yard, and also some boards
up against the fence making a lean to to shelter from rain in summer. I am working towards eventually getting her to learn to come inside. She met
my other cats while caged - so she knows their smells. And her
pee was outside from litter boxes etc. so her smell was familiar
to the cats of the hood. Hopefully this will help her locate herself
as belonging in "my" yard...

She may never come inside again,
but I can try. At least she's
vaccinated and fixed now. So she should have
a good start for winter and no kittens to worry

Now, onto Grey and the other ferals. kitty abortions
this time if they are preggers as I can't face doing
the kitten thing again (it was over 300 dollars to
get Za fixed and shots and wormed and all that jazz.)
ain't go the money to do this except the fixing part.

Wish me luck send me vibes. Oh, and I've a new love
interest who is, get this... VIOLENTLY allergic to cats, although
bless him, he did say he is starting allergy shots, so
he doesn't expect me to give up cats for him, LOL.

(Which clearly won't happen.. if something goes, it
will be the SO and not the cats, cats are way too much
a part of who I am...) And relationships fail, but your
cats stay with you, LOL!!!
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Opilot....see if you can get on the Alley Cat Allies list for spaying/neuter...it is a $20 donation and the cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated.


The clinic is the 3rd sunday of every month (this month it is the 4th sunday due to Father's day)

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